A few weeks back we wrote about Zen Pinball [Free] getting the Universal Classics Pinball pack that will bring pinball tables based on the classic 80s movies Jaws, Back to the Future, and E.T., all excellent movies that I'd watch any day of the week even though I've seen them so many times. After giving us the trailer for the E.T. table, today it's Jaws turn, just in time to remind you why generations of kids were too scared to set foot in the ocean. The new table will let you play various scenes from the movie, and you'll have to track and take out that great white shark that sees swimmers as breakfast. And, in a fun twist, the new table will also let you play as the shark. What better way to have fun than eating hapless swimmers?

There's also another Jaws-appropriate mode that turns the table into a raging sea, and you're going to have to try your hardest to keep the ball in play. All those modes sound like great fun to me. And, as always, the Zen Pinball tables have great visuals and fun gameplay ideas, so definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the Universal Classics Pinball. No release date yet, but we're definitely going to need a bigger table (sorry, I just couldn't help myself).

  • jhamdotme

    This is the second table that they’ve previewed in this new Universal collection, and so far, we haven’t gotten any of John Williams’ iconic music. That’s a shame. ET won’t be the same without the music, but it’ll at least *look* like ET.

    But this one? Without the ominous shark theme and everything else? What’s the point of the license? Without the music or the character likenesses from the movie, what’s to differentiate this from a generic non-licensed shark table.

    Can you imagine if they released their Star Wars tables without John Williams music? They never would’ve done that. So why are they doing it here? The music for these two Universal tables is no less important.

    The third and (so far) final table in this collection is for Back to the Future. In a perfect world, we’d hear Huey Lewis and Chuck Berry, but I’m not holding my breath for either of those. But if they ditch the music from Alan Silverstri, I’m getting out my pitchfork!

    Do the right thing, Zen! I’ll buy all of these the second they’re available, and on a few different platforms. So I don’t really have a whole lot of leverage here. But do the right thing!

    • HotHamBoy

      Music costs money...