When you think of fighting games, you don't usually think of turn-based mechanics and cards (unless it's Yomi), but Martial Arts Brutality [Free], which has just released worldwide, is exactly that, a turn-based fighting game that uses cards. As you would expect from a free-to-play card game, you get to discover, collect, and upgrade your cards, and you try to build the best deck you can build. Once you're happy with that deck, you can take it online to fight either with or against your friends (the second being definitely more fun). And to make sure you can rub some salt on those wounds, the game includes a taunting system. The game lives up to its name by letting you inflict all kinds of injuries on your hapless opponents, which I'm sure will please many of its players.

The game has different styles of fighting including Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Shotokan, and more, which probably translate to different types of decks. And the game has some fun modes like 8-player brawls and team fights. The PvP part of the game and the ability to inflict all kinds of injuries on your friends should be quite fun, and did I mention you can tell your friend that they smell like cheese? The game is our right now, and you can head over to our forum thread for more.

  • Zombiekickers

    One of the most addictive kiss ass games I've played on my phone. My friend got me to download it, and we haven't stopped fighting each other since. It looks easy to play to start with then when you start getting into it, you start to understand the strategy involved to win. There were few times where my hands were sweating and shaking as I was taking my turn. I think I've become an adrenaline junkie ha ha! But on a serious note, this is one game that deserves shouting about.