Death Road to Canada [$12.99] just got its massive content update. This updated, dubbed DUODENUM, includes new music, weapons, characters, systems, and more. As with every big update to the game, the price will go up by $1. If you aren't familiar with Rocketcat Games' road trip action RPG, Carter's review of the game should have you covered. The game has had a lot of post-release support over the past few months, and the newest update has truckloads of new shiny stuff to experiment with. Check out a video showcasing the update below:

In the DUODENUM update, Death Road to Canada's soundtrack has increased by more than the amount of music it launched with, which is an impressive feat. The new lighting system and barricading system will change how you see things and interactions with doors, and more than 40 new weapons and 11 new recruitable characters have been added. In addition to all the new content, there have also been various fixes such as how throwing works with allies, and slight changes to recruiting. If you so desire, go looking for rare trading camps like Swole Mountain, Hidden Laboratory, and the hilarious Ye Olden Renaissance Faire. Check out the game's App Store page for a full list of additions, and take a look at our forum thread for more information on this neat new update for Death Road to Canada.

  • watevs

    I brought this game because of how everyones recommendation, but I am not seeing why this game is good at all, the movement are clumsy and the battle system is sub par

    • Michael Mangao

      it's a good game just use a controller.

    • boydstr

      When you see posts from people that are really enjoyed a particular game you must realize that this a "personal view" the first thing I do in such a case is go to the Tube and look at some gameplay vids from others and see if it is my type of game then I diced if I buy the game.

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    Did i juz c a turret that had no ammo left and smack the Beetlejuice out of a deadite?!
    Y yes, i think i did. WhowouldathunkofthatEyedea?...