Kadokawa Games just announced an iOS and Android version of its successful visual novel Root Letter (√ Letter). The iOS and Android version will be called √ Letter Smartphone Edition and it is set to release in Japan tomorrow. PQube games localized the original release on PlayStation 4 and Vita in English and it eventually made its way to Steam as well. There's a very high chance we will see this localized in English if not supporting English when it hits the App Store tomorrow. Root Letter is the first in a series of mystery adventure games under Kadokawa's Kadokawa Game Mystery Brand. Watch the original trailer for it below:

I've already played and beaten it completely twice before and it is absolutely worth playing for the gorgeous art and atmosphere created throughout the relatively short length for a visual novel. If you'd like to know more about Root Letter, check out the official website or the game itself on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, or Steam. Kadokawa found quite the success with it on PlayStation platforms when as of January this year. The Steam version on the other hand has not done well. I'm looking forward to buying this for the fifth time when it hits the App Store (don't judge me).

  • Milotorou

    Ill keep my eyes peeled, this looks like my type of game !

    Hyping it already, I love VNs 🙂

  • dancingcrane

    Mine too!

  • zergslayer69

    Short is fine as long as it's not insanely long like the fate visual novel

  • Shari Morehead

    I have this on Vita but am trying to finish Stein's Gate 0 before I start Root Letter. I may have to buy it again for iOS!

  • Luzsec

    What a type of game? Its look like a short anime movie.