Ironhide Game Studios, the developer behind the excellent Kingdom Rush series, is getting ready to release the much-awaited Iron Marines on September 14th, and I personally can't wait. Iron Marines is a complex real-time strategy game that will have you completing some fun missions like hacking supercomputers, rescuing civilians, holding your ground against all odds, and much more. You'll be controlling a (very colorful) army consisting of units such as rangers, snipers, flamethrowers, and so on. In addition to your basic units, the game will also allow you to get your hands on things like intelligent mines, turrets, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts, and all kinds of other crazy weapons that should make for some fun tactical decisions.

The game will come with 14 campaign missions, 10 Special Operations (which have their own combat rules), bosses waiting to crush you, and an Impossible Mode that will be, well, impossible, I suppose. And—in Kingdom Rush fashion—you also have Heroes that can be trained and then assigned to lead your troops to battle. As you can see from the trailer above, the game's art looks similar to the Kingdom Rush series (and that's a good thing) but is even more colorful. The game will release September 14th for both iOS and Android, and it will come with a in-game gift during the first 48 hours after launch. Check out our forum thread for more.

  • Chris Comeau


  • Steve Nathanson

    I was hoping for multiplayer... but I'll still be getting it day 1 anyway. Maybe Iron Marines 2 will have multiplayer 😛

  • hil

    But... will it be Premium like Kingdom Rush or Freemium?

    • Kefo

      Who cares?! Instant buy for me cause their other games are top notch

    • drunk_vader

      Most likely!

  • sakara214ever


  • BaronMunchausen

    It better be premium like all the others by these guys! I can't wait for this one; instabuy for me. I'm actually more excited about this game than any other coming up. September 14th can't come soon enough! P.s. Can anyone confirm if this will be premium?

    • Steve Nathanson

      Ironhide studios responded to a comment on their facebook saying "You will be able to buy it on Sept 14th", with buy being the keyword here. I think they would have said "Download" if it was free

      • BaronMunchausen

        That's certainly logical.

  • Adam Kelly

    Ironhide also confirmed that they are working on Kingdom Rush 4 (on their Facebook post), which is also quite exciting!

    • Jinxtah

      Fantastic news. Both of them.

  • Antony A

    instabuy for me too! absolutely amazing developers, the KR games have cost me at least 1000 happy hours. also delighted it's not freemium! long live Ironhide.

  • adamlax

    Awesome, I thought this had fallen of the face of the earth.

  • Biggavelli

    Had on the watch/wish list since February 2016. Can't wait.

  • BeomSoo Kim

    I wish Korean included.

  • redribbon

    from the maker of the best tower defense ever on mobile? INSTA BUY!!!

  • Saeedkhani

    Im waiting for these games :

    Iron marines
    Shadowgun : legends
    Darkest dungeon
    Modern combat versus

  • Kefo

    It's out now on the App Store people