The very entertaining Brawl Stars continues to be in a limited soft launch, and it continues to improve. Supercell now wants to hear from all of you in order to continue improving the game. If you go to the News page in the game, you'll make your way to the Player Experience Survey where you can talk about what you like about the game and to help the developers figure out how to improve a game that's still being build as we speak. Keep in mind that not everyone gets to complete the survey. The survey is only looking for responses from people who fit a specific profile, probably being of a specific age group or from a specific country.

There are many people still playing Brawl Stars currently, but since not many have access to the game at the moment, there's only a limited pool overall. Most of the people enjoy it, although some on reddit are hoping for things like more distinct class separation, better progression, and other such features. Personally, I want a better UI  If you've been playing the game and want to talk with other Brawl Stars players, head over to our Discord Brawl Stars server.

  • Ethan Einhorn

    Honestly, I would love it if they moved to a transparent monetization system. No blind packs, no virtual currency. Let people purchase what they need directly, using their real local currency. They'd make less overall, but they'd build trust.

  • Patricia Anaka

    I tried it but it was too unpleasant sliding my finger around on the glass so frantically. It quickly became something I didn't want to do anymore. A lot of action games have a similar issue.

    • Maelwolf

      You can change the controls. It's not perfect, but I find the joystick option a lot better than the default slide to move.

  • Dema9o9ue

    I played for a couple weeks then never returned. It's just too action-y for me. I prefer their strategy games. I'd love to see the characters use in some kind of turn based game. But I'm not in to the action aspect.

  • Saeedkhani

    No offence but its better they cancel it / it is boring