Rubicon really knows what they're about when it comes to turn-based, tactical war games on mobile devices. They all but pioneered the genre early on in the App Store with Great Little War Game [$1.99] and followed it up with Great Big War Game [$2.99], and Great Little War Game 2 [$1.99]. Last June, Epic Little War Game [$4.99] hit the scene and really modernized the franchise. It offers the same great intuitive and fast-paced gameplay and is a lot of fun. A wide variety of units, each with their pros and cons, along with a variety of different terrain considerations really drive up the decision making and make this a great game for strategic players.

Epic Little War Game features a single-player campaign with a ton of missions and maps as well as co-operative or skirmish online multiplayer modes and a map maker for those who want to create their own content. It's a great game and well worth its full $5 price, so getting it for just a buck is a steal. You can check out Shaun's 4.5 star review for more info and head on over to our forums for even more information.


  • brianj22

    People tell me buy it it's cheaper than soda or candy well jokes on them I shop at the dollar store.

    • Trevor

      It's still a penny cheaper.

  • Chq

    May it's the wrong time to buy a wargame.

  • Darkhuntress

    I agree.

  • clownaveli

    Been waiting for one of these games to go on sale. Yayyy

  • Brian A. Dixie

    too bad I can't get it for my PC