The entertaining deck-building card game Paperback: The Game [$3.99] just got much better after its latest update because it now has asynchronous multiplayer mode, which I know many in our forums have been waiting for. The new mode has a fun twist: if your opponent drops out because of your amazing skills, an AI player steps in so you can continue playing. If you haven't read our review of the game, Paperback is a deck-building game in the vein of something like Ascencion, and you'll be picking various cards (some of them with special powers) to form words. The game is all about pulp novels and a fight between writers, and it's a theme that really makes the game stand out and will definitely please book lovers.

The game's art is fantastic, and the mechanics are pretty cool, although (as we noted in our review) there are some fun features from the physical version that haven't made their way to this version. Still, Paperback is a great game and is pretty much a must-have now that the multiplayer mode is live.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Definitely smashing the buy button for asynch multiplayer update! It's great to see this has such love going into it still almost a year after launch! The one feature that held me back from buying back when I read the review a half a year after it released!

  • gaymerX

    Finally!!!! Love this game!!

  • Zephram

    Anyone remember bluetooth multiplayer? I wish it was supported by more games(Ticket to Ride is the only one I'm aware of), as being able to play in the car or anywhere without wifi is definitely useful in many situations I find myself.