During the mid and late '90s Taito released a trilogy of awesome scrolling shooters starting with 1994's RayForce, then 1997's RayStorm, and finally 1998's RayCrisis which was the third game in the series but actually a prequel to RayForce. Many moons ago, in January of 2012 to be exact, Taito released a port of RayForce [$6.99] onto the App Store. Shooters worked well on the touchscreen and RayForce was a welcome addition to the iPhone's library of shooters. Fans of the series figured that the rest of the trilogy would make a good fit for mobile too, and indeed in June of 2012 the iOS version of RayStorm [$9.99] was released. That just left RayCrisis and later in 2012… it never came. Nor did it come in 2013, or 2014, or 2105. Not even in 2016! What the heck, Taito? Well, it took 5 years, but 2017 turned out to be the year as RayCrisis [$11.99] finally hit the App Store earlier today.

The arrival of RayCrisis wasn't exactly a surprise, as Taito released an update for RayForce in May and later released an update for RayStorm in early July bringing both games up to modern standards in anticipation of the third game's release. For fans of '90s-era shoot 'em ups though, it's still an incredibly exciting thing to have the whole trilogy finally available. The $9.99 price point might be a bit shocking, but RayCrisis comes equipped with quite a few features. All of the Ray games feature both an Arcade mode that's true to the original game and a Remix mode that's tuned for smartphones. They also feature both manual and autofire options as well as multiple levels of difficulty. In the case of RayStorm and RayCrisis, both also work on the Apple TV and all three games support MFi controllers.

RayForce and RayStorm are both currently on sale for a limited time to celebrate the release of RayCrisis, so if you were thinking of grabbing them now is the time to do it before they increase up to $6.99 and $9.99 respectively. If you want to chit chat about the newly-released RayCrisis, you can do so in our forums.

  • Duane Locsin


    It has MFI support confirmed.
    Downloading as soon I get home from work.

    **ELI HODAPP**

    I just listened to your podcast with Game Hugs, very interesting

    *good job on the interview guys
    **I hope touch arcade will come across a good financial stream to support the website

    *** as a veteran ("Old and grumpy" gamer) I like mobile games and support premium, arcades, console/pc ports and general indie titles.

    BUT stay clear of F2P games, because the frustrations, anger, manipulation (it's actually exploitation) of empty hours you put in is because by design they are 'glorified slot machines' with all the trappings.

    keep playing, NOT keep paying.
    sums it up.

  • Chq

    A 10€ game as a result of five years development? Why did it take so long and why should we pay 10€ for this game? I think you should make a bit more advertising, taito.

    • http://wizodd.tumblr.com Wizard of Odyssey

      No one said it took 5 years of development. It's been 5 years since the last one came out on iOS, that's all. The development took place 20 years ago for the arcade game and the port to Playstation (one).

      It's $10 because these old arcade ports don't sell well, and they are entitled to make a little profit or at least cover their costs. Pouring some of that money into advertising it would make it cost more, not less.

  • smiffee666

    Awesome game, no borders on ipad version either, its nails as hell