QatQi was, and still is, one of my favorite word games ever, and now Chris Garrett, the designer behind QatQi, is bringing another game to the App Store, but this one is quite different. Moji Match does away with pesky letters and replaces them with emojis and numbers in order to offer a board-game game experience that can be played by people young and old and also those who don't actually speak the same language. At its heart, Moji Match is a turn-based strategy game where you build "words" by using patterns of emojis and numbers.

The game utilizes Apple's emoji character set, and each time you start, you get a different set of emoji tiles to play around with. And any new emojis added by Apple will also be added to the game. This is a fun idea that takes advantage of the silliness of emojis to offer what looks like a fun board game experience. And if QatQi is anything to go by, Moji Match should have all kinds of fun features. The game is currently soft launched in Canada and New Zealand, and it is releasing in the US, UK, and Australia on August 17th.

  • Zachary Donhauser

    I've been beta testing Moji Match and it's such a great game. The strategy and turn-based approach are very similar to scrabble, but you build patterns instead of words. This takes away the need for a massive vocabulary and makes the game more lighthearted and fun, in my opinion.

    The developer has done a great job setting up a balanced mix of emoji tiles, which means that you do have to come up with a good strategy to win- do you go for max points every turn? Or try to control the board? Or try to build a really good rack of tiles? And, the emoji theme is so fun.

    I'm addicted already! Can't wait for the full release in the US!!