Finally! We've known for some time now that the great Darkest Dungeon game was coming to tablets, and now we have an actual date: August 24th. The developers have been working with Blitworks to bring the game to tablets, and they sound very excited to finally be bringing the game to our iPads. While the game is titled "Tablet Edition," it sounds like it's a very faithful port, and the developers feel the touch interface is a perfect fit for (and the natural form of) the game. You'll be able to suspend your game at any point due to its turn-based nature, which is a great feature when you're gaming on the go (although it won't be that much of a "game on the go" since it's not going to be on your iPhone).

The game will also allow you to use Dropbox to continue your PC save file on your iPad and the other way around. The game will be a premium one, although the price has yet to be announced. And the Crimson Court DLC will be coming our way later this year. I'm very excited to finally have Darkest Dungeon on my iPad, and I'm definitely streaming it on our Twitch channel. August 24th, everyone.

  • Fudda

    OH MY GOD ! Finally ! :)) My life is complete. Instabuy....

  • skipdaddy

    Should the title be Descends instead of Descents? Just curious. Also I love this game, can't wait.

  • Patrick Nilsson

    Hell, it's about time!

  • Kainamor

    ?!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!

  • Dr.SamLoomis

    About time. I've been all over them monthly about this!

  • Lickzy

    Between this, Eggalia, Holy Potatoes,Strike Team Hydra and WHQ2, I hate myself for buying FFXIV for PS4.

  • Judas Krimson

    Why just on tablets???
    I don't think it's fair, if it has been ported on tablets it should be ported on phones too, it's in their interest, more platforms, more players.

    • Severed

      I only have an iPhone but I think the UI would be a giant mess on a phone, even the plus size screen.

      • gaymerX

        I played this on Vita and it was fine. No issue with screen size.

      • Gluskap

        You realize Vita is not touch-only device right? If you don't then it's too late ;(

    • TLaz99

      Yeah, the devs feel that the amount of text makes it more challenging to port to a small screen

    • Gluskap

      "I don't think it's fair" HAHAHAHA. I love seeing comments like this on every iPad exclusive game news. Please keep'em coming.

      • Dr.SamLoomis

        Agreed! Amazing. Every release, without fail!

  • neumanator

    Will this work on an iPad 4?

  • sguerreiro

    Premium game with none of those free to play shenanigans ???

  • gaymerX

    I hope they keep the VO, it makes the game so much better!!

  • Dahkoht Lewin

    This post just cost me about a thousand. Was waffling on 12 inch Ipad pro to replace my Air 2 , saw local Apple store had 256mb space grey in stock and had loaded to buy , was considering putting it off for a while again, then opened this up and knew couldn't resist. Perfect game for Ipad.

  • Sebastian Gomez

    Hopefully it'll run on my iPhone.

    Dungeon of the Endless, Shadowrun games and Magicka (when it was still iPad-only) worked perfectly.

  • baconcow

    YES! Day 1. I love this game. (I hate this game) I love this game.

  • gmattergames

    Rage quit this game too many times on steam, not sure I can endure the non-stop negativity the game assaults the player with. The art, sound and tactics are great, would be perfect if the stress mechanic were dialed down a bit.

    • Jared Bruner

      Did you play since they introduced "Radiant" difficulty? It's a less punishing mode that should be included in the tablet version.

  • carnictis

    YAASSS premium content no IAP BS on my new 10.5 Pro. Can't Fuckeb wait

  • ikir


  • Stormourner of the Nature

    yeyeyeyeyeyeyessss 😀

  • carnictis

    Where the hell is this? It's almost 2pm in Dublin.

  • Pickman

    Can't stand the wait......must have darkest dungeon on my ipad.....