Cats are the natural enemy of birds. I mean, birds flapping around with all those feathers and all that chirping, how could you NOT want to pounce on that if you're a cat? Sylvester the Cat's entire life's purpose was dedicated to trying to eat Tweety Bird. It's just the way of Mother Nature. But what if a cat WAS a bird? That is the deep philosophical question trying to be answered by the appropriately named upcoming platformer Cat Bird. In the game you can run and jump as any nimble-footed cat could, but you can also flap your furry wings and hover for short periods. Also you are adorable, because you are a cat bird. Check out the trailer.

I love platformers and I love cats, and birds are pretty cool too, so I'm all kinds of excited about Cat Bird. This is the first full-fledged game from developer Raiyumi and according to his post in our forums you can expect more than 40 levels in Cat Bird as well as a Time Trial mode, leaderboards and achievements, and ReplayKit support for devices on iOS 9 and above. If you're as anxious as I am to get your hands on this adorable little freak of nature, you'll be happy to know that Cat Bird is coming quite soon and is set for release on August 24th.

  • Severed

    This looks great I can't wait!

  • paulkane


  • Oats

    I've been eyeing this one on twitter; can't wait to play it! 👍🏽

  • Lucky Kat

    this looks amazing

  • Chq

    Can't wait, too!! 😊

  • Mrwubbs

    So a bat, basically?

  • The Frosty Pop Corps

    Been testing for a few months and it is dope!

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    aaaww it's purreciously adorable X3