[UPDATE 09/20/17 - 14 games removed!] One of the big recent developments on the App Store has been the imminent removal of all 32-bit applications. If you're a keen iPhone user, you may have read about what we have coined the '32-Bit Appocalypse' on TouchArcade over the past few weeks, or seen numerous posts about old classics being updated with 64-bit compatibility. However, all these terms can easily get confusing, and as such many members of our community and casual iPhone users around the internet have been asking questions as to what, when and why games and applications will stop working when iOS 11 rolls into town. In an attempt to combat any confusion, here is a complete guide to the '32-Bit Appocalypse', and a comprehensive list of virtually all of the major titles that will stop working on your iPhone and iPad in the next few months.

Before I go into great detail explaining the things you can do to prepare for the impending 32-bit Appocalypse, I'd like to outline what us at TouchArcade will be doing to bring awareness, to commemorate and to remember older classic iOS games that may be leaving us because of their status as abandonware. Leading up to the fall release of iOS 11, we will be publishing videos and articles providing a '32-bit Farewell' to our favorite titles from the early days of the App Store that we will be sad to see go, starting with the phenomenal Dungeon Raid [$0.99] this week. While it may seem strange to focus on titles that will essentially not exist in a matter of months, many of these games have had a formative impact on the iPhone gaming ecosystem, and a number of newer readers may end up permanently missing out on some of the best that the App Store has to offer because of the removal of releases that do not have 64-bit support. It goes without saying that all of the applications in the list at the end of this article and any we single out for particular praise in the next few weeks will, barring a last-minute developer update, not work on iOS 11 and so should be purchased with caution, but that also means now is a better time than any to experience soon to be defunct App Store classics.

Superficially, the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit applications is extremely hard to tell. In layman's terms, 64-bit apps are able to process more data than 32-bit equivalents, and so run quicker on your iDevice. The iPhone 5S was the first Apple device that had a 64-bit processor, and ever since the release of the smartphone in 2013, Apple have been moving towards an App Store ecosystem exclusively filled with the quicker 64-bit applications. In 2015, Apple erected numerous requirements for new updates and releases that necessitated 64-bit support, and many have suggested that the upcoming 32-bit Appocalypse is a way for Apple to cull older apps that have not been patched since this watershed period for the App Store. For a more technical look at how Apple have moved to take more control over its software through the transition to 64-bit only applications, I'd recommend reading this insightful article on Ars Technica that sums up the nuances of 32 and 64-bit hardware in more detail.

Confusing technical aspects aside, what does Apple's upcoming 64-bit requirement mean for iPhone users around the world? When iOS 11 finally releases out of beta this fall, any applications you may have on your phone that are only 32-bit compatible will cease to function on this new firmware, and will also not be downloadable from the App Store. There are no ways around this, aside from holding back on updating to the newest firmware when iOS 11 does release. However, if titles are updated after iOS 11 launches, they will be available again on the App Store, and even if they aren't, they should be present within your iTunes purchase list as long as the developer keeps paying the App Store developer fee. For iPhone gaming enthusiasts, this means a large proportion of older games in your collection will be unplayable on an iOS 11 device, and this is something worth keeping in mind over the coming weeks.

If the benefits of iOS 11 are tempting you to update your device this fall, there are numerous ways to work out which iPhone applications you use may be vulnerable to the incoming cull. The most obvious way is receiving an alert upon opening an affected application such as '"TouchArcade" May Slow Down Your iPhone'. In an article last year detailing the future of the TouchArcade iOS application, Eli explained how this warning was poorly worded and won't actually slow down your phone, however the pop-up serves as a warning that the specific game or app will not run on iOS 11. Another way of finding out which applications on your phone are affected is my going to Settings and choosing General/About/Applications, and a list of 32-bit titles will be displayed.

While these two methods are useful for finding out about compatibility of applications currently on your phone, it's incredibly difficult to determine which titles on the App Store that you haven't purchased or may have downloaded in the past will no longer be compatible. The biggest indicator is looking at the 'Released' information beneath the app icon in the iTunes web browser, or the date next to the 'Updated' line in the 'Information' section of an application's iOS App Store page. Back in 2014, Apple required any new applications that launched past February 2015 to be 64-bit compatible, and any updates released after July 2015 to have the same support. This means any app or game that has been updated after July 2015 will still be downloadable in iOS 11, and any that has not been updated for over two years will be consigned to the iPhone scrap heap.

At the end of this article, I have painstakingly compiled a list of every noteworthy App Store game that will be removed when the 32-bit Appocalypse occurs. A large part of the basis of this list comes from the fantastic work of forum member FuZion on his 'The Great 64-bit Culling' thread, which will continued to be updated as more users in our community find old games that will depart the App Store. The rest of the list comes from a scouring of every five-star review that TouchArcade has written from 2009 to 2015, as well as forum favorites, noteworthy mobile franchises and specific titles suggested to me on our Discord server. If a developer has stated that they will update their game with 64-bit support - for example, Final Fantasy Tactics - I have not included it on the list. Likewise, if a game has been removed from the App Store, or if it already has a compatible HD or Universal equivalent, it will sadly be omitted.

With over 90 games listed, I've tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible, but I've almost certainly missed out some classic titles, and maybe included some that have been updated or are getting updated soon. If I have made a major oversight, please share your game in the comments below or on the aforementioned forum thread by FuZion and it will be included in some form. I have also provided App Store links for every game, but I can't emphasise enough how these games will not work on iOS 11, and while I still recommend playing them (or at least the ones we highlight in upcoming individual articles), bear this in mind before sending me angry tweets. Without further ado, here is the comprehensive TouchArcade list of best games that do not have 64-bit compatibility support:

Update #2 09/20/2017 - 14 games removed.

Whew, that was exhausting. While it can be distressing seeing such a big list of games - many you may have paid for in the past - disappear in the coming months, in may cases it simply isn't possible for a developer to update their application to be 64-bit compatible. In older games, it can take a complete rewrite of the code, and many creators of old favorites are simply not active in the industry anymore, let alone financially able to spend such time on the requisite updates. I'd definitely recommend contacting developers of the games above and finding out if an update is in the works, but please don't let this descend into a witch hunt. For posterity, I will periodically edit the list as more titles are suggested and developers commit to updating their applications. Until then, be sure to let us know your fondest memories of any of the above titles in the comments, and on our forum thread.

  • Jeremy Price

    Xcom will be the biggest loss. Probably the best and most complete game i have ever played on iOS. If it wasnt for it coming out on the iphone i would never have tried an xcom game, now i have it and xcom 2 on pc, a couple of my favorite all time games.

    • houseofg

      This app will be the biggest loss πŸ™

    • baconcow

      Once Final Fantasy Tactics received an update, this also became my biggest loss. I expect it will find its way back to the iOS store (perhaps even in the far future, as a classic game), but I doubt my purchase will grant me a copy at that point.

      • darkfyra

        It will be updated in September

      • baconcow

        Yes, I meant once it was announced to get an update. Will correct my statement.

      • darkfyra

        Good.still sad to lose Lunar though

      • darkfyra

        Now in September,checking every day if the update icon appear on FF Tactics...still not happening...sigh

    • Lanster27

      Fingers crossed for XCOM2 to come to IOS soon.

      • Poo

        That's gonna be a loooong wait. Unless they do a serverly cut down version.

      • http://erikveland.com ErikVeland

        They do have console versions of the game despite saying that it was going to be PC/Mac only, so there's hope.

    • merrickal

      Have they no plans on updating the game? The devs I mean.

    • Akantor

      Totally agree. Never would have tried this game if not for the iOS version. RIP ☠️

  • Psac42

    Dungeon Raid... haven't played it in years since it was abandoned by the developer, but oh boy what a great game in its day.

  • mcgillpt

    Shadow Gun...:'(

    • rhinofinger

      Wonder when Shadowgun Legends is finally gonna come out...

  • FuZion

    Kudos Rob. Thanks for the mention.

    This could become quite the sad list in the coming weeks.

  • bob sabiston

    Looking at my own phone, I see several apps not on this list that I will be very sorry to see go:

    Gurk III (!)
    P1XL Party
    QuestLord (though I think this will rise from the dead)

    • Repulsa

      Just adding:
      Yipe 5
      Tales of the adventure company
      Rogue runner
      Dungeon plunder
      Doom 2 RPG
      Gem goblin
      Rogue miner
      Rogue ninja
      Solomons keep and solomons boneyard
      Costume quest
      Dungeon hearts
      Slot quest
      Pocket RPG
      King's League
      deep deep dungeon
      Dracula twins
      Super glyph quest
      Paper dungeons
      Bit dungeon II
      And so many more... RIP

      • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

        Thanks to both of you, will have a look through these and update tomorrow! πŸ™‚

      • FuZion

        Ditto on the thread.

      • http://wizodd.tumblr.com Wizard of Odyssey

        Well said. There are more good games that WON'T survive the purge than those that will.

        I've accepted the fact that nothing lasts forever, and I shouldn't bother backing up my apps, even though I've poured a ton of money into them.

        The "forever" games are those that run as a service, by dedicated developers. The stuff that originally attracted me to the platform, ports of existing PC or console games, are out of fashion, don't make much money, and are going to go away. I should play these on GOG or Playstation, not iphone.

      • Onikage725

        Kind of a shame. All these years, we fight to have iOS recognized as a legit gaming platform. And in one swoop, a lot of the core gaming experiences are going to die.
        Honestly, I haven't seen anything from iOS 11 to make me want to nuke Baldurs Gate, XCom, Lunar, Infinity Blade, SMT, my Cave library, Chaos Rings (still seem to run ok on my iPod touch), etc.

      • mr_bez

        Raptisoft are currently working on porting Solomon's Keep and Solomon's Boneyard to 64-bit. They said so in the Hoggy 2 thread. (Also, go play Hoggy 2!)

      • rhinofinger

        Great news!

      • ejfarraro

        I didn't know anyone still cared about Tales of the Adventure Company πŸ™‚ I can't make any promises, but I was able to find the code on my old SVN server and I'm able to build it on an old version of Unity. I'll see if I can save it from the apocalypse!

      • http://garpodcast.com Ray Is A Nerd

        I will miss Faif.

  • http://www.stingergames.com/ Blaine Hodge

    The kicker being that 32bit isn't necessarily slower, if the game runs
    at 60fps/30fps or as intended who cares if not isn't using the CPU to
    it's max potential.

    Whatever the long term goal might be in trying to cull 32bit support from the CPU and OS, the short term negative impact will far outweigh that for likely years.

    Imagine if Microsoft ended 32bit support in Windows 11, suddenly 2/3rd of your software stopped working, and half those developers of those games applications don't exist anymore or aren't going to update.

    • Aaron

      Actually that's not too far fetched. There is precedence for it, Windows dropped 16 bit support when it moved to 64 bit, so it wouldn't be the first time Microsoft retired an entire generation of software.

      Also, they did have a plan to drop support for a large swath of older apps (though the line wasn't on 32 bit), but I think they backed off after the Windows 8 backlash.

      Older Windows app run on the Win32 API/Runtime, in Windows 8 they introduced the newer one named WinRT. They also introduced the Windows Store, which the required all apps to use WinRT and, even worse, made it so you could only install WinRT apps from the app store. You could still freely install Win32 apps, but it was planned to drop support for them completely once WinRT had enough adoption.

      Luckily for everyone though. developers weren't too keen on being forced into the Store and losing a cut of revenue so those plans fell apart. Now. I think they allow Win32 apps on the store so their probably going to stick around for while, but they are also still pushing WinRT, now allowing it to be "sideloaded," bypassing the app store, so it's likely only a matter of time, just more time then originally planned.

      And internally for Apple the Benefits for dropping support for 32bit code would be pretty significant. There would be a very slight performance boost to the OS as 32 and 64bit apps use separate runtimes and libraries so it will free up some resources. Likely imperceptible to users though. The real Benefit for apple though is they no longer have to maintain their own 32 bit code or manage other's 32 bit code in the appstore. I'm not sure if they still do it, but devs would typically create a fat app and upload a hybrid 32/64 bit app to the app store and 32 bit phones would get/run the 32 bit code and the 64 bit versions would run the 64. If they retire that that's an entire subsystem they can retire which will make new app store features easier to implement in the future.

    • http://wizodd.tumblr.com Wizard of Odyssey

      Microsoft would LOVE to drop legacy support. They've already done that for 16-bit apps, but fortunately we have DOSbox for old games.

      Windows 10 S is an attempt at a clean slate, to force you to use only apps from their store ... but it won't take off, because they allow you to upgrade to regular Windows 10 for another $50.

      A clean break is the only way to make forward progress.

    • err404

      Unfortunately it's not about speed, it's about removing bloat from the OS. It makes the OS footprint a lot larger and consumes more power. As a mobile OS, iOS needs to be efficient. While sad, the culling is probably for the best in the long run.

  • Matt Perkins

    Year Walk needs to be on that list.

    • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

      I didn't write any games that, to the best of my knowledge, are being updated in the future. Simogo has confirmed 64-bit support for its games, so kept it off the list πŸ™‚

  • Veshrou

    Why no update for this app?? It's how I get my iPhone news πŸ™

    • Saucepolicy

      It's been explained over and over and over again. The short version is a) they don't have coding resources to update it and b) it has features that are no longer allowed in the AppStore, much like AppShopper. Make a home screen bookmark on your iOS device for the website, that's the only functionality that would be carried over in a hypothetical update anyway.

    • dancingcrane

      The TouchArcade App is viewed by Apple as an AppStore-like, and doesn't allow apps like that anymore.

      The good news is, the TouchArcade website itself will be updated, since it will no longer need to match an app that can't be updated. I have a webclip of the website on my phone already.

  • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

    Ah great, heard about the Baldur's Gate game updates but couldn't find a definitive source. Will do a big edit to the list tomorrow with this and other games people suggest! Will wait and see on the Vlambeer updates πŸ˜›

  • bigmonkeynads

    Godammit losing the Rocketcat "hook" games 😡

  • Reaganomics

    I'm keeping my iPad mini at iOS 8, iPad mini retina at iOS 9, and iPhone 6 at iOS 10. When I get a never device, I'll most likely then update to iOS 11.

    • Chronotaru

      There's no reason to stop at iOS 8. There was a big slowdown from iOS 7->8, so there were reasons to stop at 7, but if you're on 8 you might as well just go all the way to 9. The speed different is unnoticeable.

  • joerendous

    Oh man. 7 Cities is a blast from the past. One of my favorite tower defense games from early App Store. That and The Creeps had me taking extra time in the loo. Thanks for a this list!

    • Michaelbacon

      7 cities was great. It's one that I would re download occasionally and love some nostalgic play.

  • atalkinghamsandwich

    So wait, is my TouchArcade app going to work?

    • FuZion

      Not on an iOS 11 device πŸ™

  • noteatino

    The Dungelot link lead me to the last of the Dungelot series that was updated on 2016, so I think you referred to the first one

    • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

      Yep, meant the first two but as far as I can see they're no longer on the App Store, so removed it outright. A shame :/

  • Milotorou

    XCOM is definitely a big loss im not going to take on day 1.

    As for myself, I am a fan of Idea Factory games (i might be the only one i guess) that were ported by Hyperdevbox on iOS...

    I reached out to Hyperdevbox directly and they told me they have no idea how they could have their games 64bit enable since the base of the games were coded in 64bit, I am talking about the following games : Spectral Souls, Blazing Souls, Agarest War and Agarest War Zero.

    I wont be updating to iOS 11 for a long time. I really dont understand what good apple is getting from that move.

    • Milotorou

      Oh and the TA app I open at least 3 times a day... dunno how I can live without that.

      • FuZion

        Same here. Been trying to get used to using the site (I've added it as an icon next to the app) but the App is so damn good.

  • TrencH

    Last Chance updated Canabalt and hopefully they do the same with Hundreds. I still think is was one of the best puzzlers around. Fargoal has a new game coming out soon and is still being tested. I have been on and off and I think it's a great game. Feels a lot like the ones in the store. Ridiculous fishing not being updated is ridiculous... So many good games on that list.... Really the only drawback to iOS games for me is you never know when the next update will make your bought games impossible to use. I can't even imagine not having the Touch Arcade app. I can always get on the website but it was just so convenient and easy to look through things. One of the first apps I go into everyday and I dive into it many times a day. =

  • Dema9o9ue

    I beta tested iOS 11 on both my iPad and my iPhone and IMO it is the worst iOS update ever. It makes certain features like the Notification Center terrible. Unless there are features that you're dying to have I recommend putting the update off as long as possible. Not even because of these games but because iOS 11 frankly sucks. I beta tested for a week and finally restored back to iOS 10 and was so glad I did.

    • Svend Bendt

      So unfair. I have paid for many of these games. Apples way around this issue is wrong in so many ways. It makes me wonder whats in store when we switch to an even higher bit-rate in the future.

  • Eduardo Ribeiro Bueno Netto

    I still have one iPhone 5 in awesome condition, so it will be my main 32-bit place to play... Still, Its just a backup phone, there are so many awesome games on this list that I want on my main phone...
    Rocketcat, please, transform Hook games to 64-bit era! I beg you!!!
    Mountain Sheep, please, bring Minigore and Death Rally too! I love these games!!

  • dbagga84

    Noooo not costume quest πŸ™ one of the cutest turn based rpgs ever! Although I read there's a number 2 either out or coming but I dunno if iOS is gettin it. Reading this list brings up the same bad feelings every year when I read the list of cancelled tv shows and see all the ones I liked. :p

  • toofinedog

    Here's more:

    Crush the Castle
    Mickey's Castle of Illusion
    Savant - Ascent
    Kid Tripp
    Gunman Clive
    PDA Games
    Ms. Pac Man
    Call of Snakes
    Mega Man II (old one)
    Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night
    And Yet It Moves
    Groundskeeper 2
    Hornet Smash
    Pizza Boy
    Chu Chu Rocket

    • Stephanie McKeon

      Crush the Castle was recently updated for 64-Bit. Ms. Pac-Man is also 64-Bit already. Chu Chu Rocket might be re-released under Sega Forever. Mega Man 2 was re-released recently.

  • James Delaney

    Some of the others endangered on my iPad Pro:

    Hunters and Hunters HD
    Ticket to Ride Europe
    Dead Space
    GTA China Town
    Lego Harry Potter and DC
    Ghost stories
    Monkey Island SE
    Power Puff Girls DOT
    Great Little War Game HD
    Cally's Caves
    Monkey Island 2 SE
    Anomaly HD
    Galaxy on Fire and GOF2 (don't even mention the stinking freemium pile of crap they offered instead)
    Mage Gauntlet
    Space Chemist
    Spider HD
    Puzzle Craft
    Water Deep
    Steambirds Survival HD
    The longest Journey
    Lone Wold
    Star Command
    Lego Marvel and LOTR
    Ash and Ash II

    • http://wizodd.tumblr.com Wizard of Odyssey

      Losing the LucasArts Monkey Island games hurts. They're not even in the store right now. At least they're on every other platform in the world, so they're not really lost.

      Pirates! needs an update, though its' more of the same ... mobile isn't the only place for it.

    • N2by

      GOF2 - I'm not seeing in incompatibility list on my phone :-).

    • http://www.dsfishlabs.com Tobi@Fishlabs

      Sorry to hear our latest game is not to your liking, James. As for the older GOF games, we can confirm that Galaxy on Fire 3D and Galaxy on Fire 2 SD did indeed not make it over to iOS 11. But Galaxy on Fire 2 HD did. So all the people out there who are eager to save the universe as Keith T. Maxwell can still do so after upgrading their OS. πŸ™‚

  • vectorarchitekt

    Beavl said Faif should be updated (own of my favorites)
    And Silent Apps said Hipsta Chez might get one, but not sure?
    Flappy Bird won't work! (I'm actually bummed about this)
    Dungeonism and RoboSockets πŸ˜₯

  • echoman83

    When did XCOM enemy unknown get taken off the App Store? Nothing worse than trying to contact the developers and finding out there isn't even a site for it on the App Store anymore.

  • Artfoundry

    Oh good. I couldn't believe they'd let Baldur's Gate die so quickly after spending all that time updating it.

  • Drizzt79

    Personally bummed that "RogueTouch" won't work in iOS 11. 😣

    • CommanderData

      Good news! An update is coming, hope to submit by end of August... there will be more than just 64-bit / iOS 11 support inside too πŸ™‚

  • shining jade

    AppZapp & Touch arcade apps & my Furby app are holding my iPod back on iOS 10 I use all of them plus many other 32 bit games I'm happy pocket frogs, LDW and tap 2 dance are going to iOS 11 but it's sad to see so many not ..
    Well at least they will still be in the AppStore for older devices to grab or those refusing iOS 11 ..

  • shining jade

    If you have two iOS devices just keep one back on the older update and update the other to iOS 11 there's no force making no you go and at least one device will still have all the 32 bit apps ^-^

    • boydstr

      I kept my 4s just for that purpose.

  • shining jade

    I think because of this 32 bit pull iOS 11 may have less people jumping on and more staying back with there fav apps and games.

  • korossyl

    Aside from the phenomenal and underrated Civ Rev 2... PIX N'LOVE RUSH!

  • Taeles

    Shadowrun series (Assuming they haven't been updated in the last month since i last checked)

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Worse, they were pulled from the App Store.

      • Gurney Halleck

        This makes me sad. πŸ˜₯iPad was my favorite platform to play the Shadowrun games. This would also seem to seal the fate of ever seeing Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition come to iOS...

  • nonen

    Loss of Dungeon Raid marks the end of an era.

    • Mj1ggy

      RIP. Seemed like it should have died years ago when it stopped being supported but kept chugging and I never stopped enjoying it. Will have to give it another run or two before saying goodbye.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Many many of the best titles on iOS, that are the reasons I moved to this platform as my primary gaming platform are being culled for this abandonment of legacy support for the great titles that brought the platform to legitimacy.. very sad to see this.

    Add to the list my favorite game to play on iPad: Introversion Software's seminal hacker simulation "Uplink" :'(..., This is literally one of the main reasons I upgraded to the new 10.5 iPad Pro so I could still have a portable easy to hold iPad with even more glorious screen real estate for mobile hacking goodness. Despite all of the ostensibly amazing features for iPad Pro 10.5 in the new iOS 11, if Uplink is not updated then I may never update my iPad in its lifespan!

    Uplink is still one of my favorite and consistently played games on any platform and for years has been my favorite to play on iPad... I would hate to have to go back to PC and a gaming laptop again. Been enjoying my homemade Desktop gaming rig for Steam stuff, but iPad is my favorite way to play Uplink despite the annoying lack of Bluetooth keyboard support.

    Even if only is the only game in this massive list to receive an update for support, I could make the transition. As it is now, I will not be updating iOS.

  • adin

    @Rob, are you able to query the database behind appshopper? You could generate a master list of games (or any other categories) with the right SQL.

    • Nathan Reinauer

      But only like 2% of them would be noteworthy

  • MonkeyChunks

    What about a slightly different question. Is there a way we can demand money back for games that will disappear?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      How long ago did you buy these games?

  • Hard_Squirrel

    A quick question for anyone from TA (or anyone in the 'know') - when we have to migrate over from the TA app to using the site, will it still have the functionality to have games on a wish list and receive some kind of update when they are updated, reviewed etc? Guessing not as the site wouldn't have push notifications like the app but would be good if someone could confirm. Thanks

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Working on that now.

      • Hard_Squirrel

        Top man. Thanks for response

      • lezrock

        Awesome dude!

      • bdelbanco

        Any work being done to make the entire site a bit more mobile friendly?

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp


      • Rip73

        Awesome. That’s great to know. Thanks.

  • Nappa

    God of Blades, a personal long time favourite that I still occasionally whip out to play, won't be receiving an update either.

  • Jutto

    Has touch arcade thought about making a PWA app instead of a native app? It is a convenient way of bypassing the store and still retain a native-like experience. I understand if there are budget constraints that prevent this.

  • planetmidgar

    Yeah, this mandatory update is a bummer for quite a few reasons. Games that no longer work for me so far (aside from the many listed):

    Slingshot Racing
    Hodappy Bird (I never had Flappy Bird)
    Tiny Thief
    Dark Slash
    Age of Zombies: Anniversary
    Can Knockdown 1 & 2 (At least we still have 3)
    Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior (Even though they're crappy ports)
    Steam Punks
    Flight Control
    Beat Hazard
    Crayon Physics

    These games aren't something I play a ton, but still some I'll be sad stop see go.. Luckily, I still have an iPad 4 that can't be updated to iOS 11.

    • Chq

      Flight Control was my first game i bought. 😒

      • planetmidgar

        The sad thing is, it's worked THIS WHOLE TIME, even after it got pulled from the App Store and the subsequent updates.. now it's actually going to the grave for sure, now... πŸ˜”

      • korossyl

        Yup. Same for me, and I assume for many other people. A fantastic introduction to the App Store... and now, lost to the mists of time.

      • Billy

        Same here. Flight Control was my first paid game and I used to play it religiously on my iPod Touch (2nd Gen). Though I don't play it as frequently these days, I still keep it in my iDevice for sentimental reason. It will be bittersweet to see this old friend go. 😒

    • Nathan Reinauer

      Slingshot Racing was one of my favorite iOS games ever. Damn.

  • terrence92

    Rip cloud patrol, phantom rift and rolando 2

    • Kevin Homick

      Phantom Rift should be ok. Foursaken are updating most of their games. That wasn't one that they listed as not getting an update, so it should be good.

  • DTK

    BattleLore: Command is 32 bit. The support don't answer me of my question, wether a 64 bit update released. All Playdek Games are 32 bit, and Playdek do not answer too (only Twilight Struggle is 64 bit).
    Sadly, I'm particularly worried that D&D Lords of Waterdeep being lost!

    • http://yendi.livejournal.com/ Adam Lipkin

      I second that worry about LoW. FWIW, Ascension and Agricola are also safe.

  • Hiraether

    Appburning = book burning. Apple should foot the bill as WE ALREADY PAID.

  • nomster

    Tiger Woods is main one I miss on iPad since going on the 11 Beta

    Maybe it will get EA to port a newer version as that app was very old

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Running iOS 11 and it also appears that our beloved toucharcade app is dead...

  • curtisrshideler

    I do hope Infinity Blade can somehow get that needed update. It would be quite a disappointment that Apple's flagship game (at one point) is no longer playable on the only platform that it was designed for.

  • Dailon Huskey

    Shantae πŸ™
    Hope cave games updates their games that I own
    X-com πŸ™

  • Pedro Rama da Silva

    here is a list of one I think will die from what I have checked on my ipad
    sid meyer's starships
    record of agarest war
    DOFUS: battles 2 HD
    spectral souls
    neuroshima hex puzzle
    hunter island: monsters an dragons
    battle academy
    shadowrun dragonfall
    autumn dynasty - RTS

    • Milotorou

      I can confirm it to you for Record of Agarest War and Spectral Souls.

      The content it was ported for was made using a 32bit-only engine, confirmed by the developper when I asked them, they will not be able to update their games.

  • Craig Grannell

    Bit Pilot? Halcyon?

  • 0Κ‡Δ±louɐɯ

    This games also won't work, and I HATE it becaus I've bought it recently!!:

    - Chillaxian
    - R-type
    - R-type ii
    - Arkanoid
    - Arcane Ghosts

    ARKANOID from Taito, is the game I'll hate to loose... πŸ™

  • mdthielen77

    A couple more games that I love that I'm going to lose:

  • islesfan

    Lords of Waterdeep

  • dancj

    Here is a list of notable games on my iPad which aren't in the article:

    Rescue City
    Gunman Clive
    Slingshot Racing
    Robot Wants Kitty
    Pacific Skies
    Muffin Knight
    Magic 2013
    Magic 2014
    Stealth Inc
    Castle Doombad
    Storm Casters
    Dodo Master
    Mecho Wars
    Girls Love Robots
    Starborn Anarkist

    • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

      This was a big help, added most of these to the list, thanks πŸ™‚

      • Gurney Halleck

        UPLINK by Introversion Software also has been confirmed not working on iOS 11 public beta... my saddest of all losses in the Appocalypse :'(

  • Chalkers123

    So why are we buying games? Goodness knows how much money I have spent on games only for them to no longer be fit for purpose!!! These are games I am supposed to own, yet it seems like I just rented them for a period of time until the operating system changes.

    Surely the whole environment for iOS games should be more like Apple Music. Paying a monthly subscription and then being able to access the games whilst the subscription is active. Then I wouldn't feel so conned when I could no longer play a game because for whatever reason the developers don't update it for the new operating system.

    • http://javatune.co drunk_vader

      Sadly that’s reality when it comes to mobile games and apps. I just came to the realization that I rent games when I buy them digitally, I have no control over wether it gets pulled from the AppStore or the developer stops supporting it going forward.

  • Marshall618

    Wait, are Ridiculous Fishing and Super Crate Box seriously on this list? In terms of important iOS games, those are pretty high up there. I can see if they're not bringing in much money these days, but that's truly upsetting.

    • jamesgecko

      They're gonna get updates.

  • http://javatune.co drunk_vader

    Sword of Xolan and all of Alper Sarikaya games just got updated with 64Bit support. Couldn’t be happier.

  • Kevin Homick

    Per e-mail convo with Foursaken, they will be updating most of their catalog, so BH2 should be safe. Jaime said the only ones that wouldn't be getting updated were NY Zombies 2, Sky Gnomes, and Mad Chef.

  • Nathan Reinauer

    Vlambeer says a lot of things...

  • http://www.youtube.com/xAeroSmashx AeroSmash

    What about Lego HP1 and HP2? Sorry I don't know how to identify a 32-bit app.

    • wizisi2k

      Both were updated in 2012. The second one gives the warning about being 32-bit. Same with the first one

    • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

      Added a bunch of LEGO games to the list in today's update, sadly :/

    • Taeles

      if you want to see what games you have installed that are not 64 bit all in one place go to homescreen -> settings -> general -> about -> applications. if nothing happens when you tap on applications, all your apps installed are 64bit. if a list pops up, that list is what is at risk of the apocalypse

  • noteatino

    Also add Deep Dungeons of Doom and the classic Rogue

  • Kevin Homick

    Slydris, League of Evil 3, and King Cashing 2 will need updates. WarGames dev says they might update, but make no promises. Scurvy Scallywags should be getting updated.

  • RonCarlos

    Just about anything from Playdek

  • planetmidgar

    From a technical standpoint (I don't have the savvy to answer this question), how difficult would it be for Apple to implement some kind of Safe Mode or Legacy Mode that would allow these apps to function after app support is abandoned? Would that be a security issue or technically unfeasible?

  • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

    Thomas Was Alone was made in Unity. It should be fairly easy to compile in the latest version and upload again. Not too much more needed for a Unity game unless it has a dependency on some 3rd party tools that don't work with the latest version of Unity.

    • Gurney Halleck

      Would love to see Thomas Was Alone saved from untimely demise!

  • hil

    Eufloria will also be lost. I loved that game.

    • Taeles

      eufloria's devs have a ios11 build in internal testing that is planned to release prior to the apocalypse

  • FuZion

    Ah right. Seems I cannot add links here. Maybe. Check out the thread for the link.

  • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

    Is it possible to add a column for when a row was added so we can keep track of new entries to this?

    • FuZion

      Column added. I've made all dates 9th Aug since we're just about inside the first 24 hours (and I've sorted them alphabetically now πŸ˜‰

      • planetmidgar

        So, I don't use Google Doc (and I'm not really sure how to use it, tbh), but I received this from a WeGoi regarding Re-Volt Classic if you'd like to update your spreadsheet: "Hello David, Where do you keep the information from stopping the game? WeGoi Director has informed me personally that this game will be the subject of a major update, and that its resumption will come soon. Tests in progress for verification of absence of bugs before publication."

  • Kevin Homick

    Neuroshima Hex doesn't show up in my list of games that need to updated on my iPod touch or iPad. I don't think it belongs on the list.

    • Serotonin

      I really, really hope you're right.

  • Walton Nuedorff

    This is incredibly sad. Is league of evil surviving?

  • http://vrsverige.se Niclas Johansson

    My count of games that I remember having downloaded (obviously I haven't gotten to playing them all) from this list: 42.

  • Duane Locsin

    What's even more depressing is most of the games in this list are paid.
    Which makes the App Store even more concentrated with F2P/P4F junk.

  • japonlindo

    A week ago, Final Fantasy Tactics raised to the 8th place in the Japanese app store, thanks to the half-ptice sale apparently. People were buying it, not knowing it's a 32 bit app which would die with iOS11. The problem is there is no way to distinguish between 32bit and 64bit before you purchase an app. So I asked Apple's customer support to remind Square Enix indivisually to update and make it support 64 bit immediately. Next day, SquareEnix promised to do so by the end of September.

    Apple quickly responded to my claim.

  • Morgan Leecy

    One Epic Knight, best endless runner bar none

  • boydstr

    What I find strange is that all the games in the list can be bought in the AppStore and no warning whatsoever about the very short lifespan of those games.

  • MonkeyChunks

    Ok, does anybody know whether there is a way we can try to get money back for games we've spent money on? Like is there some clause in the App Store agreement when you buy games?

    Alternatively, do you know whether backward emulation app is possible? Or if someone had updated to iOS 11, can they revert to previous versions?

    I cannot describe how distraught I am by the upcoming disappearance of my games I've been collecting for years and spend sometimes hours on.

    • dancj

      You can get a refund within a very short window of buying the game. Maybe 48 hours - something like that.

  • Eduardo Ribeiro Bueno Netto

    What about Flight Control, the first one?!
    I know that isn't listed anymore on App Store, but I still play it!! Even on multiplayer with my girlfriend!
    Oh! Real Racing 1 too!

    • planetmidgar

      Unfortunately, those games will never return thanks to the likes of EA. I'm sure if you sent an email, you'd get a cookie-cutter, auto-response as to why the game will not be updated. It's not making them more money, therefore it's a dead end no matter how much we paid and how much fun we did and still do have with the game. Play it while you can or have a spare device devoted to a pre-iOS 11 update.

  • houseofg

    Reaper just got updated. Loved that game.

  • Marcelo Eid


  • vic_viper_001

    You think the 64 bit apocalypse is where it all ends?
    Just you wait, until Apple decides to move towards the 128 bit future.

    • baconcow

      I cannot see the reason for 128-bit computers in the foreseeable future. 64-bit CPUs can theoretically handle 16 exabytes (I think 16,000,000,000 GB) of RAM.

  • Lickzy

    I wish positive news, reviews and get some releases got this much attention from the community

  • http://mulderc.blogspot.com/ Cameron Mulder

    Honestly, I think Apple should just have a policy of removing apps that have not been updated in years.

  • MonkeyChunks

    In my case I could BUT the games that will have disappeared in the Apple App Store will still be gone so it will only potentially help getting a Droid phone if you think at least 2-3 years ahead.

    Droid Store also simply doesn't offer as many games as the Apple Store.

  • http://yendi.livejournal.com/ Adam Lipkin

    Ones I'm going to lose on my iPad:
    Stone Age
    Scurvy Scallywags
    Level 22
    Le Havre
    Extinction Squad
    Lords of Waterdeep (sob)
    Jack Lumber
    Nimble Quest
    Third Eye Crime

  • http://erikveland.com ErikVeland

    You can add Trivial Pursuit to that list.

    I'm going to miss XCOM and Peggle Classic the most.

  • Batia

    Foursakens Media games like Bug Heroes 2 dosn't have and update yet or im wrong? Because they remove it from their list right now but in the appstore is still says that their last update was in 2014.

  • brerlappin

    More casualties:

    Airport Mania
    Airport Mania 2
    Anomaly Defenders
    Anomaly Korea
    Lost Treasures of Infocom
    Metal Slug series

  • FuZion

    I think Tumbledrop should be on that list gents πŸ˜‰

  • Professionalbum

    Im sure going to miss my daily dose of Fluxx.

  • planetmidgar

    Alright, so I combed through my list of games on my 'Purchased' list... this is the rest of what I got that's worth a damn that hasn't been updated to 64-Bit:
    Ace Combat XI: Skies of Incursion
    Assassins Creed 2: Discovery
    Beben III (Quake III Loader)
    Bonsai Slice
    Breach & Clear
    Bridge Basher
    Cat Run
    Contra: Evolution
    Dead Trigger
    Death Dome
    Double Dragon
    DuckTales: Remastered
    Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
    Earn To Die
    Final Freeway
    Fluxx Card Game
    Gunner Z
    Hills & Rivers Remain
    Hybrid 1 & 2
    I Am A Brave Knight
    I Must Run! Reloaded
    Joust Legend
    Mass Effect: Infiltrator
    Mech Guardian
    Metal Skies
    On The Wind
    PAC-Man Remix
    Paper Toss With Friends
    Pigeon Squadron
    Plight of The Zombies
    Retro Sports
    Riptide GP
    Sim City Deluxe
    Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
    Strike Wing
    Super Monkeyball 2
    SXPD: Extreme Pursuit Force - Comic Book Hybrid
    Touch Racing
    Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D
    Wind Up Knight 2
    Zenonia 1-4

  • AKLT

    Does the 32bit cleanse include this app?

    It's pretty dated but i use it almost daily to check for latest apps and reviews!

    • Milotorou

      It does.

  • mattjen

    Although this one hasn't been in the App Store for years, it's my all time favorite...

    Snail Mail

    The level design is genius and moving my thumb to move turbo was the most precise control I've ever had in a game. I also loved the super gradual difficulty curve and options for difficulty in the extra modes. My nieces and nephews still go to that one first on my phone too. I'm guessing that the dev got a payout because he had "turbo the snail" first, but had to take it down as part of the lawsuit. Just a guess.

    Eventually I will have to get a second older phone just for that one.

    • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

      YES this was a classic! One of my favs from the early App Store era

  • melvin2898

    I'm only losing Nimble Quest.

  • melvin2898

    I would be losing Wind up Knight but I never completed that game and then I stopped playing.

  • baconcow

    While not an announcement, I recently contacted the Trainyard developer and was told they plan on updating the game to 64-bit.

    It also seems that Rolando Plus is going to die.

  • Ward Fisher

    Bug Heroes 2 is going to be the big loss for me. I still play that all the time, and have never found anything else quite like it.

  • DemoEvolved

    Waterdeep, I think le havre and maybe agricola.

    I think this is a big mistake for Apple

  • FuZion

    I've not been able to jump on the lost today people, but hopefully will tomorrow. Since we started, a couple of games have been updated to 64-bit, I'll note those in the spreadsheet.

  • Pedro Rama da Silva

    You can also put the whole (except for twilight struggle and agricola and ascension) playdek catalog. That i have seen it means nightfall, tanto cuore, waterdeep and penny arcade at least.

  • Pedro Rama da Silva

    And Companions is an amazing little known app. Very good game indeed

    • FuZion

      Who's the developer as searches do not show anything.

      • Pedro Rama da Silva

        I believe they are called smuttlewerk interactive

  • Joseph Arnold

    Bug Princess 2 Black Label

  • Joseph Arnold

    Dodonpachi Blissful Death

  • Joseph Arnold

    Dodonpachi Ressurection HD

  • Joseph Arnold

    Espgaluda II HD

  • Joseph Arnold

    Metal Slug 1,2,3, X

  • Joseph Arnold


  • FuZion

    Thanks for the contributions everyone. I've added everything to my offline spreadsheet so far & will upload it when I get back to my desktop (About 8-10 hours from now).

    Can I ask a favour. If you can, would you check out the games you've contributed to the list & add a comment to say who the Seller/developer is? There's a lot of new games in the list that I don't know & a group effort will help a lot πŸ˜‰

  • IanTH

    This is all interesting to me. As one who uses and appreciates both Android & iOS, I have to say this makes me glad Android is my main mobile OS. I'll lose more than a few great old games thanks to this "upgrade" to iOS 11 and I'll have to decide if I'm keeping either the iPhone 5s or iPad Air on a 32-bit capable OS. But I'll definitely be grabbing any purchase available on iOS and Android on the latter given this loss of compatibility. Such a shame, this decision. And I really dislike the direction Apple took visually with iOS 11 to boot. This is turning out to be the only update I've ever not looked forward to.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Does anyone else here play UPLINK? Man that is one of my all time favorites!... sad to see it go 😒

    • Gurney Halleck

      UPLINK is developed by Introversion Software (of Prison Architect fame.)

      Adding this per request from FuZion.

    • FuZion

      I've not seen that one. I'll look it up.

  • theforkfactor

    ROLANDO - first game I bought when I got my 3GS. Man...crazy.

  • Ian Berger

    I think we're losing Eufloria too.

  • FuZion

    Again, thanks everyone.

    I'm trying to keep up with you all. I'm on holiday next week so be gentle. But again, please add comments where there's gaps.

    I'll catch up πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • rhinofinger

    Also Castle Of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse ;(

  • TeddyNYC

    Bridgy Jones is another one. Actually, I just checked on the App Store and it's now gone. It was still there a few months ago. Another example of abandonware. I sent a email to the developer, but even the email address was abandoned. Oh well, 64-bit only here we come.

  • GreatWizard

    Playdek games such as Lords of Waterdeep

  • jonwilf

    Slydris has been on my phone since it came out. Gutted it's going πŸ™

  • Cutler Sheridan

    Man, some great fucking games on here

    One more: Tilt to Live/2

  • thesinmaster

    Any Ravenmark news yet?
    Hope they'll update it...

  • Gecko007

    Games I don't see on the list

    Ninja Kiwi - I confirmed with the developer that these games were not currently planned to be updated and only would be if the found there was significant interest in the games
    Bloons 2
    Bloons TD

    Elite Systems Ltd
    Ultima IV

    Mark Kinkead
    Empire Deluxe Mobile Edition

    Dark Realm Studios
    Pandemic 2.5

    Oddly Arts
    Aurum Blade

    Taito Corp - has sept 30 end of service date on description

  • Linquel

    I wish I saw this before updating my iPad. I just bought Lost Treasures of Infocom on July 27th and now I can't use it at all.

  • Jamie Ruby

    Tons of Big Fish games. I have over 200 of them (not that all are going away) but they should update so many people are getting screwed. I’m trying to at least play some of the ones I didn’t get to. Won’t but games at sales again that’s for sure. They were expensive so I’d always grab what I could afford at the sales

  • Froot-Loop Callahan

    Over half my library is obsolete now. The Great and Powerful Apple fails me again

  • techlady

    Frontier Heroes doesn't work on iOS 11, FYI. I'm guessing it's the 32-bit issue as I have several iOS 10's that work and several iOS 11's that don't work in a 500+ iPad environment.

  • Drie

    Longest Journey is out, but it looks like Aralon: Sword and Shadow updated to 64 bit