The top-selling RPG Pathfinder has only become more popular in recent years, and it has slowly moved to the digital realm in the form of Pathfinder Adventures, the port of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Today, we learned that there's another Pathfinder mobile game on the way, and this one is called Pathfinder Duels. Pathfinder Duels will be an official collectible card game that will draw inspiration from the Pathfinder universe. Players will get to visit the world of Golarion to fight through a story based on Rise of the Runelords campaign (which is also Pathfinder Adventures' first campaign).

Pathfinder Duels will have similar art with Pathfinder Adventures but new characters, as you can see in the trailer above, and is betting that its simultaneous turns will make the game quick and fun. I'm glad the developers are going for simultaneous turns because I'm not sure we need another CCG that uses the same gameplay mechanics as all the other ones. No word on release date yet, but we'll keep you informed.

  • Pagan Fox

    Couldn't really tell much from the trailer but I look forward to trying this.

  • PneumaPilot

    Honestly, that was probably the worst 'trailer' ever. If the developers put one million times more effort into the final game, then the entire game will still be less fun than simply watching the opening animation for Hearthstone. Pick better licensing partners, Paizo.