Terra Battle 2 is slowly taking shape, and today the game has officially launched its pre-registration campaign, which is similar to the one from the original Terra Battle. The way it works is the more people pre-register, the better the starting items in the game for everyone. And since you don't have to pay to pre-register (this isn't a Kickstarter), you should all go do that. If they get 10K participants, then players will get 10 times the normal energy at the start of the game. If they get 200K participants, Samantha from Terra Battle will join the game. And at 300K participants, Testuya Nomura of Square Enix and Hironobu Sakaguchi will work together for the first time in 20 years to bring a new Guardian to the Game.

If you haven't read our other Terra Battle 2 stories, the game will be similar to the original but with some cool additions to the formula. Terra Battle 2 will have a new world map that lets you travel alongside your companions and the ability to set up your formations prior to battle. Terra Battle was a pretty good game (Shaun gave it 4.5 in his review), and it looks like Terra Battle 2 will be even better. Go here to pre-register for iOS and here for Android.

  • Tonk Montana

    What I REALLY want to know is if this will be released in Australia or not??

    The fact that Terra Battle is still not available Australia concerns me. Yes, I know I can download from a US account etc. but I then can't support the game with payments and I get really annoyed having to switch stores all the time for updates.