Remember five days ago when I posted that Final Fantasy Tactics [$13.99] was on sale and suggested that this was a pretty strong sign that the game was going to eventually get a 64-bit update? Well, it's almost like we know what we're talking about over here at TouchArcade because Squeenix just confirmed that a 64-bit update is in fact coming to Final Fantasy Tactics via updating the iTunes description of the game. The iTunes text now reads:

[Regarding notification]
■When downloading the app, a message currently appears stating that "FFT WotL" requires an update.

We are working on an update which will be available in September.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

It's pretty awesome for Square to be so on the ball with compatibility updates, particularly considering how long it took for the iOS 9 updates to hit the last time iOS updates totally broke old Square games. New iPhones typically are released in mid to late September, with the new version of iOS hitting around the same time. Depending on the timing of all this, there might not be any downtime where the game is actually unplayable, but, you never know.

Great news none the less!

  • shinratdr

    I know it’s a long shot, but... Theaterythym?

  • Dailon Huskey

    Thanks for this
    I love this game and own all square games also I hope others get updated too

  • Psac42


  • Mysterious Heroine X

    This is great to hear! Is TWEWY compatible or does it need to be updated? That's another one of those SQE mobile games that is generally better on mobile and has better resolution / all content. I hope that works on ios11 and above.

    • imdakine1

      I would love to get it if I knew it would be upgraded. They never have sales on it.

    • SimiaDei

      The World Ends with You is already 64-bit compatible.

      • Mysterious Heroine X

        Oh okay that's great news! I'm on an older iOS version so I can't check compatibility. Thanks for letting me know.

  • WoottWinds

    Super glad to hear this, one of my favorite games of all time! Now if the same can happen with Lunar, I can breathe easy....

  • RinoaHeartily

    What about chaos rings 3

    • Milotorou

      Already 64 bits

  • nickchia

    Any chances to get see Updates for Chaos Rings 1,2 and Omega . I still love these games a lot

    • kawaiimonster

      Didn't they remove those from the store?

    • curtisrshideler

      I agree! I'd love to see those come back to iOS. OR at least get English versions on the PSN. I'd buy the Japanese Vita pack, but I don't want to switch my Vita.

  • Oneironaut3

    squeenix, if you're listening...

    I would love an update and/or overhaul of the touch controls for this one! i mean, while your at it n' all.

  • PabloGST

    How's this playing on iPhone, nowadays? I know there were some technical issues at launch... I already have the PSP version on my Vita, but I can be persuaded to buy it again at $5.99 if it runs smoothly and has a nice resolution... any input from you guys is appreciated!

    • sinanayurt

      I played on psp and iphone. It looks better on iphone. Graphics and UI are looks sharp. Also controls are great too. I can say even more comfortoble than psp because you can touch anywhere on map when you need move your hero.

  • baconcow

    Best news of the month.

  • IAmTheNightRider

    I played this after the last update was released (2013) and it kept crashing and causing me to lose my battle progress. Very frustrating and I eventually just gave up.

    Hopefully this update addresses whatever is causing the crashes as well.

  • Michal Hochmajer

    Good news, Square! Thx.

    Any news on Project Octopath Traveler? ... olo olo olo olo tiny part of me still hope for an ios release. But Switch first. Can't wait.

  • Player789

    Why can't touch arcade update their app if Cheap Charts can?

  • Player789

    If it costs too much put it up on kickstarter. I would contribute. We need an updated TA app!

    • Milotorou

      Its out of their hands.

      Its apple that refuses the update, not TA thats being lazy or anything.

      • cplr

        Not true. You make it sound like they've already made an update but Apple is sitting on it. They have not. TA *thinks* apple wouldn't approve an update, and therefore are not putting in the effort.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Apple has rejected every update we have submitted since 2013- Even minor ones where we changed nothing but the icon to be properly sized for iOS 11. Where are you people getting this stuff from? We've been consistently open about the state of the app and the problems Apple has with it and folks seem to just love making things up instead.

      • JosephWelke

        People love fiction more than fact.

      • TJ

        Baffling to me. TA has probably made Apple and developers millions of dollars. I wouldn’t know about any games other than the farming, Freddy’s Night or slots that dominate the top charts. In the TA app I can see reviews, community ratings, along with involved developers and player discussions for games I might be interested to play. I’ve discovered so many hidden gems. Apple should personally offer to develop the app for you or accept any updates. They take a lot for granted, and rules against TA is bad for the App Store and developers. #badapple

    • Eli Hodapp

      The problem is Apple doesn't pre-approve apps, or design documents, or anything like that. I'd have no idea what to even make our budget for the Kickstarter as we're basically banging our heads against a wall until Apple decides to let us in.

  • Pfloydrokr21

    They explain this so much. The problem with updating is an issue with Apple changkng

  • Pfloydrokr21

    They explain this so much, but one more time won't hurt I guess. The issue with updating stems from Apple changing app guidelines after this was released. They don't allow certain things this app currently does. So using a Kickstarter would allow them to update it, but change core features in the process.

  • DTK

    Thx, that's are really great news! 😃👍

  • Milotorou

    So that only leaves me with Lunar and the games from Hyperdevbox (Idea Factory ports)

    Unfortunately I contacted Hyperdevbox myself and they told me since the games they ported were never coded in 64bit in the first place they will never be able to update them 😔

  • Yair Maimon

    So I got over-excited after seeing this story that i immediately bought the game on my iPhone.
    However I have an iPad Pro 12.9" which i intend to also use to play this game on and I just now realized there's square's weird thing about making a different app for the iPad.
    I've never played the original game and would like to know if I should go ahead and ask for a refund and buy the iPad version or stick to the iPhone version - will it even work on my iPad?

    • Aharon Verno

      I ended up doing the exact same thing and got a refund to buy the iPad version instead. It looks much better on the nice big iPad screen than the phone version blown up.

  • Far_Out


  • sinanayurt

    I hope this update include widescreen.

  • curtisrshideler

    Great news, Eli! Thanks.

  • Cameron Mulder

    Can anyone tell me if the iOS version is different from the android version? I tried the android version but found the controls to be frustrating, even with a bluetooth controller. Are they any better on iOS?

    • JosephWelke

      Exactly the same.

      • Cameron Mulder

        ugh, that is horrible as those controls were really bad and made gameplay so slow.

  • JosephWelke


  • Giacomo Lawrance

    Does this support MFI controllers? Thinking of getting it

  • John Gaver

    I hope they update Chrono Trigger with iOS 11 and mfi controller support