Hey what do you know, it's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which are far as made up holidays on Wednesdays are concerned, is a pretty good one. I've recently discovered that mom and pop ice cream shops typically have their own hand made ice cream sandwiches they make with soft serve, and it's sort of broken the boxed kind you buy at the grocery store for me. Anyway, if you're stuck in traffic driving to get ice cream sandwiches or waiting in line to order an ice cream sandwich, there's a ton of new games out now that you can play!

Here's all the new games that have been posted to our forums so far:

As always, stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening!

  • bigghurt

    Also one more game not on here I found on the featured App Store. It's called the great hero it's a idle side scroller. Pretty cool so far

  • TheRealist82

    Waiting for flippy knife and miracle merchant

  • TheRealist82

    Miracle Merchant is finally there 😀

  • shining jade

    I'm not seeing anything here that looks fun .. more excited for the release of Egglia, Morphite, or Ocean horn 2 heck even ios 11 updates to pocket frogs/LDW & Tap 2 dance seems more exciting then these...
    Dull week it seems ..

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      At minimum, all of the games I listed in the title of the post have been really awesome.

  • eddhigham

    Really can't wait for Flippy Knife!

  • mcmc

    Miracle Merchant by Arnold Rauers

  • solarnya

    couldn't find information of Flippy Knife without toucharcade. will it come soon?

    • eddhigham

      Hope it does.

  • http://playfo.com/ Playfo team

    Small but awesome game Drive Fast now gets Apple TV support! 🙂

  • eddhigham

    Has Flippy Knife arrived yet?