Ticket to Earth [$4.99] has been received quite well, with its most important accolade being the highly coveted TouchArcade Game of the Week, and now you can get it for $1.99, its lowest price ever. Ticket to Earth plays out on a grid, with you and your opponents taking turns either moving, attacking, or taking other actions. The tiles come in different colors, and you'll have to be matching them as you move across the board; longer matches give you bonuses, and different color tiles give you different abilities. While it does use a match-3 mechanic, the game is much more than just that, so don't let images of another Candy Crush clone scare you away. This is a very different game, and you can see that from the trailer below.

In addition to the cool mechanics, the game has a pretty intriguing sci-fi world and great music that come together to form a captivating package. Currently, only episode 1 of 4 is available, but the rest will be coming out as free updates, so pick up Ticket to Earth for cheap while you still can. And hop over to our iOS Games Discord Server to talk to others about the game.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Just bought on the recommendations in the forum. Here's hoping that they actually come through with episodes 2-4 as they have declared.. polish and artwork is already very high standard. I'll update imps after chewing on the gameplay a bit.

    • iosuser

      I bought it months ago based on the "coming soon" new chapters but I'm beginning to believe they make never come. Just too long for the next chapter and I've lost interest in the game. Where are the updates?

      • HelperMonkey

        In the app description, the text blurb announcing the sale seems to imply that the sale is a promo in advance of the second episode's release.
        I'm looking forward to it, and I'll happily replay the first episode again beforehand. High quality product.

  • eksaint

    Loved what was available to play. Was anticipating more based on the skill tree.
    When I saw this in the feed I was hoping it was a new chapter!

    Over all though, excellent. Well worth the time

  • dominici

    The article within says $1.99, the green currency indicator at the top of the article says $2.99, but when I go to the actual App Store it says $3.99. If you're going to rip me off in the currency conversion, could you be a bit more consistent, please???

    • Deckard74

      Chill Winston.

      • dominici

        Pardon me if I have an opinion. Living in Australia means we see some terrible price gouging when it comes to apps, i like to highlight it every once in a while in case devs wonder why their product don't do so well in some countries. So please keep your smug comments to yourself and If you can't say anything constructive then please refrain.

      • Jean pierre

        Same in France, I paid 2,99€.. But it is still a good bargain for a premium game with 5 stars rating in the french app store.

    • Mince0

      Hope I never meet you

      • Mince0

        Yes toucharcade are ripping you off haha

  • thumbs07

    Ouch 1.08 gb. Does look good though, onto the list for when I free up some space.

    • gakuka

      I'm on the same page. iOS makes it so difficult to increase your storage which really hurts quality developers like this.

  • DemoEvolved

    I think they should go 99c to get more people in the door and then gouge for and extra dollar on the next chapter

  • rhinofinger

    Great game, hope the next chapter comes out soon!