Bullet hell shmup Phoenix II [Free] is a really fun game, and it has continued growing ever since it came out. To celebrate the game's first anniversary, the developers will be releasing the 3.0 update on Thursday, July 27th, which will be adding plenty of new features to the game, although not all of them have been announced yet. The first new feature is an update to the game engine to support the 120 FPS of the new iPad Pros, and I can't wait to see how a bullet hell game like Phoenix II looks at 120 FPS. The developers claim that the upgrade makes the controls more responsive and the action more fluid. We've been wondering whether game developers would take advantage of this technology, and I'm glad to see them starting to do so.

The update will also add support for Wide Color for iPhone 7 and the new iPad Pros, which should improve the game's color scheme. In addition to these tech improvements, the game will also add gameplay changes, with a set of ultimate upgrades for all special abilities that will introduce twists to each special ability (rather than just increase stats). These new upgrades should give you new ways to play. There are more changes coming, so keep an eye out for more Phoenix II, and hop over to our iOS Games Discord Server if you want to chat about the game with like-minded individuals.

  • Zaraf

    120 fps? I thought the human eye can't distinguish anything more than 60 fps?

    • zergslayer69

      Some people claimed 30fps is all you need back then

      • boydstr

        I agree with you yesterday I played "Nack"on my PS4pro for the first time and I got too choose for high definition or high frame rate and I try the difference between the two high frame rate settings but I didn't see any difference so I think it is a little overrated Ubisoft stated that "30 fps gives the player an more cinematic viewing experience"

      • zergslayer69

        Really depends on each individual's eyes. Some can see 3D some can't. I personally saw a difference between standard 60hz laptop monitors and my 120hz monitor. It's most apparent in fast paced stuff like first person shooters. You probably won't really see a huge gain in games that don't have the entire screen moving around. Can't wait to try out FPS games on the new 240hz monitors someday.

      • boydstr

        There should be people that have the latest hardware/software to get the best possible viewing experience but I think that most gamers can't see the difference and the battle between Sony and Microsoft to bring the best possible viewing experience is in my view a dead end because good looking games are great but fantastic games with original gameplay are something that people will remember and not great looking games Nintendo shows that time and time again that people want to play original games and that it is possible on a console that is less powerful than the PS4pro and the XboxOne and they are still a force to reckon with.

  • Anotherkellydown

    What a game. Play it religiously. So my new iPhone 7+ will have nicer colors? Just been loving the 3D Touch and haptic feedback. Really want an extensive menu for the community missions to be able to see how my fellow TA league peeps are doing. I'm sure they'll cover that at some point.