We are all probably pretty used to official movie-based mobile games by now, with the vast majority of them being pretty bland or quick money grabs. Luc Besson's sci-fi movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is coming out July 21st, so today we got Valerian: City of Alpha [Free], the official (and free) iOS and Android mobile game. Valerian: City of Alpha is a "strategic builder simulation game" that has you creating, growing, and managing your own space station, crafting space ships and getting the appropriate crew, and then exploring the Valerian universe all around you.

I do appreciate that we aren't getting a match-3 or an endless runner, but this is still a movie tie-in, so don't go in expecting too much. Still, if you are looking forward to the movie or just like the game's description, go pick it up.

  • Mariko

    I would love a deep fully featured match-3/RPG, personally. And I'm talking much closer along the lines of the first 2 Puzzle Quest games. And not the heavily watered down stuff, that is the only stuff that is done these days

  • saansilt

    I'd have preferred the runner meself.

    • Dimitar Dimitrov

      there is also a runner mini game, Valerian Space Run or something

  • Stronsay

    For anyone who can see past the freemium and movie aspects this has some new ideas; e.g. instead of shooting aliens we can try quoting Shakespeare at them. Top notch artwork.