Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It's time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. Some quality games come back from the grave this time around, along with the usual spate of regular updates. One by one, some great old classics are getting shined up and prepared for the 64-bit future, and some of them are bringing some nice improvements with them to boot. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself using AppShopper or by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly summary is here to fill in the things you might have missed. Let's dig in!

Fire Emblem Heroes, Free Some new gameplay modes highlight the latest version of Fire Emblem Heroes, along with some UI improvements and balance adjustments. The popular game also kicked off the summer with a special Summoning Focus that includes four limited edition swimsuit versions of four of the characters from Fire Emblem Awakening. There are also some new stages and missions to complete.

Ravensword: Shadowlands, $6.99 There are lots of games getting updates for 64-bit compatibility, but only a few are doing much more than adding that support in and maybe addressing a few outstanding bugs. Ravensword: Shadowlands has gone a while without an update, so while the main purpose here is certainly to make sure the game lives on in iOS 11 and beyond, the developer also saw fit to take advantage of advances in graphical capabilities. The latest version features improved support for real-time lighting and shadows, plus some nifty new graphical effects courtesy of Metal Rendering.

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys, Free Rick and Morty's next season is coming really soon, which is great. It also happens that another long-awaited Rick and Morty thing has hit this month. Pocket Mortys has reached version 2.0 and now features multiplayer support. You can battle against friends or online with people you don't know, so you know, have fun with that. There are five new dimensions to visit, you can play as Rick, Squanchy, Tinkles, Summer, and others, and you can even gift Mortys to your friends if you don't like their stupid faces or whatever.

RAYSTORM, $9.99 As Taito works their way towards the upcoming release of RayCrisis on mobile, they're giving the already-released Ray games a really nice tune-up. This month, it's RayStorm's turn. The checklist for this update reads like a wishlist: MFi controller support, enhanced visuals, a new stage one  BGM arrangement from ZUNTATA's Masaki, support for larger screen sizes, and a new auto mode that allows you to easily lock on with your tracking laser without having to grow an extra hand. This of course makes the game ready for 64-bit, and while they were at it, they renamed the iPhone Mode to Remix Mode. The game looks amazing in the new, crisp, high-resolution. In spite of another game featuring more Spider-Man related stuff, I'm giving this game the coveted UMMSMotW award for this week.

Onirim - Solitaire Card Game, Free Onirim is an excellent card game, worthy of attention even on a platform with no shortage of such games. This new version adds an expansion called Crossroads and Dead Ends that you can buy via a $0.99 IAP. It also adds a scoring system and a leaderboard to accompany it so that you can face off against other players and see who is the best at doing the things that the scoring system awards points for. Good luck!

Mini Motor Racing, $2.99 With the deadline coming up for 32-bit apps in just a few months, we're seeing a lot of long-dormant games doing the whole "rise from your grave" bit. Well, here's another one, albeit one that hasn't been dormant for a super-long time. For its first update in just over two years, Mini Motor Racing adds 64-bit compatibility, a new championship, some new tracks and cars, an overhauled multiplayer mode, and some seriously prettied-up graphics. This update also makes the game a universal app. They even did the whole 2016 thing and added iMessage stickers! How quaint!

LAYTON BROTHERS MYSTERY ROOM, Free Wait, what? Friends, a monocle just popped out of my eye, and I don't even wear one! Layton Brothers Mystery Room has received its first update ever. It released more than four years ago, and in spite of reports of late-game crashes and audio glitches brought on by iOS 7 scant months after its release, Level 5 never issued a single patch. Until now! To put this all into perspective, the update notes see fit to mention that the game is now compatible with iOS 6 and up. Naturally, this means the game is now 64-bit ready, too. I'm sure this was only done to try to salvage some customer confidence in light of the upcoming Lady Layton release, but hey, Mystery Room is a pretty cool Ace Attorney-like game, so I'll take it.

WWE Immortals, Free Hey, it's still alive! WWE Immortals has some new modes and characters to check out in its latest update, the first in more than half a year. Ladder Match mode sounds cool, but the ladder in question here is not the sort that Mrs. Foley's baby boy used to fling himself off of but rather the tournament kind of ladder. The rewards include Platinum Bars and a chance at the new Platinum Pack, which brings us to those new characters. The game now has a new tier of characters called Platinums. They are obviously the beefiest. Debuting this new tier are Sgt. Slaughter in commando duds and Bray Wyatt in his wicked, powered-by-the-dark-lantern form. It's been more than a year since new characters were added to the game, so enjoy. There may not be more coming for a while!

MARVEL Future Fight, Free Spectacular, Spectacular Spider-Man. After pulling off the amazing trick of successfully launching a second reboot in 10 years, Spidey deserves some high fives. But instead, Future Fight is giving him some low blows - from the dastardly Sinister Six! Er, well, some of the Sinister Six anyway! Sandman, Lizard, Kraven, Rhino, Mysterio, and the deadly Vulture are all now available in the game, along with a special new Spidey-themed special mission. Why not dress for success with the three new costumes? Venom gets an Anti-Venom skin, Spidey gets a suit inspired by his homemade costume from Homecoming, and Vulture follows suit with a Homecoming-style suit of his own. All this and UI improvements? You may have paid for a whole seat, True Believers, but you'll only need the edge! Excelsior!

Leap Day, Free Did somebody ask for a Nitrome smash-up? Leap Day gets 10 new playable characters, each of which is making the trip from another Nitrome game. If that's not enough, there are 30 new selfie poses to unlock, and an overhauled prize system that makes things a little closer to being properly random. If you don't feel like rolling the proverbial dice, you can now buy your favorite character for a fairly reasonable price. Actual money, mind you. But not very much of it, so you'll probably be okay if it's just one or two you're after.

That about wraps it up for last week's significant updates. I'm sure I've missed some, though, so please feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think something should be mentioned. As usual, major updates will likely get their own news stories throughout this week, and I'll be back next Monday to summarize and fill in the blanks. Have a great week!

  • Taeles

    Definitely enjoying seeing more and more games update to 64bit. Only two games currently on my ipad left that aren't 64bit. Shadowrun and XCOM. Fingers crossed they get updated...

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Shadowrun is finished. The developer has stated clearly they won't be updating it. I suppose there's some hope for XCOM, but with the studio who made it for 2K being closed a while back, I'm not going to hold my breath.