We are at the point where we are pretty much getting one CCG per day, but that doesn't mean there aren't any good CCGs on the platform. Card Monsters is a new CCG that wants to join the party, and it's aiming for those who want to play CCGs but don't have the time or energy to deal with the complexity and learning curve. The game is played in 3-minute matches with small decks—8 monsters and 8 items—that you can build from a library of 450 cards spread out across 5 factions. As you can guess, you get these cards through daily quest rewards, arena rewards, and so on.

The game also allows you to upgrade your monsters, which gives them better stats and new skills. Card Monsters is releasing globally on July 13th, so give it a chance if you're looking for a fast and simple CCG.

  • Mistrija

    Looks great!

  • Andrew Graham Lawson

    Can I ask what the hell a "CCG" is? Your article is very presumptuous.

    • Silthoras

      Ccg stands for card collection game. And there are loads of them at the moment on the app store.

      • Silthoras

        Actually the other way around sorry, collectible card game

  • Mistrija

    It has many "ingredients" i prefer;
    Portrait mode for possible single thumb play, not too large decks, focused primarily on battle, not too many cards/creatures in play at once, optimized card sizes and GUI in general for portrait view, nice clean stylish cartoony art. Still hopping to reveal few nothing less important things such as: reasonable app size, NOT requiring internet connection to play at all time (but wouldn't bet on this one though :/ ), solid AI quick battles, nicely balanced IAP's...for i long time haven't anticipated any CCG as this one. We'll see.

    • Mistrija

      And forgotten: Being a free app there's alway pay wall trouble hanging above...

  • Xerks King

    Card Monsters will be introduced to the world. Good news to all TCG fans! This coming July 13, 2017 Card Monsters will officially be launch. It is the fastest, most engaging and most of all, a TCG made by players. The successful beta test garnered thousands of players and through their feedback and suggestions, the game is formed with fairness, fun and extreme competitiveness.

    The Card Monsters Team got high remarks from TCG players for its supportive and quick action support team. It is highly praised for its open ears and very creative Devs. The community is properly prepared for you with the help of helpful players that can guide you in your journey of becoming a Card Monster best Summoner.

    We are anticipating and inviting you all to join us and play the game.

    Happy Gaming!

    • Mistrija

      Downloading at the moment
      I couldn't find it manually on the App Store though. Just by stumbling upon link on Facebook page...weird.