I'm pretty sure you can all guess the most frequent question I get when I talk about Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free]; yes, when is the game coming to phones. Well, Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda, is currently streaming Legends on Twitch, and he announced that the game is coming to phones at some point this month. Given that we're already past the first week of July, that leaves only 3 weeks to go. So, it looks like it won't be too far off now, which I know will make many (including me) quite happy because being able to play on a phone means I get to play more.

Elder Scrolls: Legends is definitely worth playing, especially now that it got the Skyrim expansion with all those Dragons and Shouts. I've been playing the game more recently, and I've been enjoying it quite a bit, especially since it plays differently than Hearthstone.

  • iMikos

    Yeah. They said this at E3. July.

    • Tasos Lazarides

      Yes, but then the word "summer" kept coming up

      • http://twitter.com/JDP81 Joe Daniel

        Summer was announced for android phones, I feel like I've known it would be on iPhone in July for 6 months lol

  • Tychaeus

    Awesome, I check the update thread for this feverishly lol. I pulled out my ipad today just to login and get updated on everything. I love this game because they have a good amount of story/campaign single player which is good enough to maybe even entice me into pvp later down the road...which is rare for me, but if the pvp is NOT the only real content going on then I can get into it for some reason. But just pvp duel after duel after...etc gets old way to fast. I tried Hearthstone over 5 different times and LOVED the concept but I could not stick with it bc of this fact. I will probably buy the story expansions right off the bat and probably a bit of the new skyrim stuff too. My Bday is July 21....that would be pretty amaztastic if a nice coincidence occurred 🤓

  • fearlesskk

    No one cares about a card game. Get a real sjyrim game out!