More and more developers are building competitive games that fit the mobile platform, and the upcoming Tacticool seems to be one of those games. The game is all about 1-minute long 5v5 matches that you play using a single button. And as you can see from the trailer below, the game has vehicles you can use to quickly take out your opponents or simply to allow your teammates to find some cover. The game has destructible cars, trains that occasionally cross the levels and kill anyone in their way, and more. The animations and visual look really good, and if the game controls well, it could be great fun to play.

Tacticool offers an offline mode too, which I know will make many of you happy, and offers your usual daily missions and player customization. The game is going into beta tomorrow, and if you want to join, go over here to sign up.

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  • lezrock


    • Chowderbatter

      The game, yes. The Eurotrash public domain synth disco track, no.

      • Sergey Kozyakov

        Haha thanks for cool name for album!!! (I've made that music:) )

  • Barrett Bear Baker

    Ok im down. I didnt even watch the video, i just read then clicked the sign up button.. then watched the video and it made me so so glad i signed up

  • MetaGonzo

    Lots of potential here. It's very slick and lots of fun.

    I was sceptical about the time limit but it seems just right. Bite size.

  • Lickzy

    Sergey, will IAP persist beyond Beta?

    • Sergey Kozyakov

      Really hope so;) but now IAP's don't charging your credit card.

      • Lickzy

        Oh okay. I thought I could support with some money

      • Sergey Kozyakov

        Oh much appreciated!! But we in Panzerdog want to show you the full polished global launched game with lots of content and stuff -- so please stay tuned!

  • Mohit Dhanawat

    when does this come over to android

    • Ekaterina Kuzmina

      You can play Tacticool on your android device right now!