Action RPGs have been doing quite well on the App Store, which is why we've been getting a thousand of them a week. Raze: Dungeon Arena is another game hoping to join the club, but its developers hope that the game's features will make it stand out. The game has over 60 single player dungeons for you to clear out, but it also offers 1v1, 2v2, guild battles, and co-op modes. The developers seem to be betting that the game's multiplayer modes will keep players coming back for more.

You get to pick from 24 heroes using a tag-team style system that lets you take any two heroes into battle and swap at will. And, of course, you'll be finding loot that you can then use to upgrade your heroes. The game is coming to your iOS and Android devices this summer, and you can go here to pre-register.

  • Quickmix

    Instant Buy!

    • JudasKain

      Lols probably f2p

      • getbig

        But not pay to win.

  • Velcroe

    Some of those tile sets look like they were pulled right out of Diablo 3. Especially looking at 17 seconds in.

    • getbig

      One of the art curators is from the Torchlight team -- so that might have something to do with it. 🙂