It's definitely a good time to be a Star Wars fan and a gamer, isn't it? The latest game to use the famous IP is Star Wars: Rivals, currently in soft launch in Australia and in early access on Google Play. To the surprise of many, Star Wars: Rivals is a cover-based action shooter designed for mobile devices and not a card game or match-three. The game offers both a campaign—mission-based scenarios filled with iconic heroes and villains—and real-time cross-platform PvP skirmishes. What is not surprising is that you can collect and upgrade characters from the Star Wars universe, since the game still needs a way to make money. The characters comes from different eras of the universe and even from films like the Force Awakens.

Although the change from the usual gameplay mechanics sounds good, I do hope they nail the cover-based shooting because it's one of those ideas that sounds great in theory and often sucks in practice. The game has been soft launched in Australia, and if you don't have an account there, use our soft launch guide to make one. Star Wars: Rivals is also in early access on Android. Check out our forum thread for more info on the game and to see what others think of it.

  • Maude St. Nubbins

    I've played it for a few hours, I found it devoid of charm and extremely repetitive. Same F2P pinch for character shards like Galaxy of Heroes and Force Arena, with much shallower gameplay. I'd also disagree that it's a great time to be a Star Wars gamer, compared to past highlights. It's generally been one disappointment after another, with nothing out there that has gotten close to beloved series like Rogue Squadron, X-wing, Dark Forces and yes, even the original Battlefront games (perhaps Battlefront II will change that). Otherwise, help us Motive and Visceral, you're our only hope. 🙂

    • billmo

      I couldn't agree with you anymore. It's actually quite a sad time to be a Star Wars gamer.

      • vid_icarus

        I agree as well but if you think Star Wars fans got it bad, try being a Trekkie gamer -.-

      • ludka33

        You don't like STO?

      • zergslayer69

        Although walled off by a lot of purchase requirements, Star Trek has the VR game which looks really fun. Still surprised the wii never got a star wars light saber game.

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        Star Wars Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels

        It wasn't great, but it existed.

        I wonder if Rivals is going to make it out in the USA. It's not getting a very good reception.

        I'd much rather have a space dogfighting game, like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.

      • boydstr

        When you read his/her post he/she is just saying that "I'd also disagree that it's a great time to be a Star Wars gamer"

    • GalDrogo

      Battlefront 2 has alot of potential to change all that. It was voted Game of E3 2017. Mid-End 2017 is a great time for gamers. So many releases 👍🏼