Among the few hidden surprises in the world of mobile at E3 was the announcement of an upcoming Ubisoft mobile game titled South Park: Phone Destroyer. Well, the game is now soft launched in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. It seems to combine Clash Royale-ish [Free] card-based action gameplay with the world of South Park (there's even a single player campaign). I'm curious what the monetization is going to like once I get deeper into it, as South Park has had entire episodes focusing on how exploitative free to play games are.

If you've got an iTunes account in any of the regions the game is available in, give it a download and drop some first impressions in the thread in our forum. It's hard to say how long the game will be in soft launch, but, considering the big push at E3 it wouldn't surprise me if Ubisoft wants to get Phone Destroyer out to the world ASAP.

Soft Launch Link: South Park: Phone Destroyer, Free

  • Qvothe1331

    If Apple somehow gets in the way of this release, I'm gonna throw a fit.

    • JP Anyroms

      Just letting you know, im in Canada and it work for us here!!! Im also running a Samsung S7 works really good on it, so you don't have to worry (I think lol)

  • Nick

    Looks like it's time to create a Denmark App Store account.

    • titivivi

      How do you do that without paiement method ? Can't pass this step 🙁

      • Sylvain

        Disconnect from your actual apple ID, create a new account and select the région you want, stop by now and Go to the store and try install a free app, and now create your new apple id 👌 (Sorry for my bad english, Im french 😅)

      • titivivi

        Mdr merci mec j'ai tout compris xD français aussi 😉

      • Sylvain

        Ahah impeccable, content d'avoir pu t'aider 😁

      • Taeles
  • Stetch

    Im so getting this :p

  • gaberaph

    Got a Swedish account and can't stop I'm on an AM shift in 2 hours! Ah well, more time to play 🙂

  • kreylix

    I am so curious about this game. Looking forward to hearing what you think, Eli.

  • uahero

    Oh yes, downloading it now.

  • tonynv

    Downloaded it but it keeps saying no network connection when I have one!!

    • Caio Cavalero

      Same problem, but i'm using ios 11

  • gonif

    Now get the &$@# outta my building!

  • joshine

    This games already out in Canada just type in south park stick and it'll pop up

  • Cláudio Martins

    Those in app purchases are expensive as shit.