Using the iPhone to transform typical text adventures into something so much more immersive has been done to great effect on the App Store as of late, with the Lifeline [$1.99] series providing some of the more memorable narrative experiences on the platform. However, A Normal Lost Phone [$2.99] took this concept and dialled (pun not intended) it up to 11. As opposed to its relatively innocuous title, Accidental Queens' debut iOS release takes the player into unknown territory, having to uncomfortably dive into the private matters of a stranger to discover what happened to the previous owner who mysteriously disappeared at the age of 18. Without wanting to spoil any of the incredibly powerful storytelling within the game, A Normal Lost Phone touches on some pertinent issues involving intimacy, adolescence and sexuality, and has today gone on sale for the first time for $1.99.

Using the pretence of a fake smartphone interface isn't a particularly novel idea, however the way A Normal Lost Phone uses it to emphasise the struggles of Sam and the uneasy trespassing of the player through their private life works wonders, and makes the whole concept of the game feel so much more real. It's by no means a long title, and anyone wanting substantial puzzle gameplay will likely be better off looking elsewhere. However, A Normal Lost Phone acts as a brilliant way of conveying an emotive tale of the protagonist's struggle with their identity, and for $1.99 is more than worth the cost of entry. Download A Normal Lost Phone while this limited time offer lasts, and share your thoughts and experiences with the game on our forum thread.

  • hil

    Several user reviews in my country complained that this game should warn buyers that it's only interesting for a certain group of people and should explicitly say so. That got me interested and I bought it. It's a nice little story and I'm glad it's just there among millions of others, without any sign. It's not often that a story can do tricks you've not experienced other stories do already. This was a good, heartfelt and authentic game that is not by the numbers and I liked it very much.