This is quite the bittersweet day, as my time at TouchArcade is coming to an end. It was a tough decision, but I'm leaving for a full-time job up in the Dallas suburbs. I hope y'all will keep track of what I'm doing, because I'll still be out there playing and talking about mobile games, just not under the watchful eye of Eli Hodapp and co. I've been all around the mobile gaming journalism world, as I've probably contributed for every major site out there. While TouchArcade wasn't the first site to pay me to write about mobile games, it was an integral part of my development as a writer. It felt so much more freeing in many ways, and I feel like I got to build up more of a unique voice than I had before.

I kind of fell into writing to begin with, at a time in my life when I felt directionless. I spent some time writing as a hobby. Then it turned into paying work with 148Apps, and other freelance outlets came along. And even during TA, I've contributed elsewhere. But TA always felt like home, and it was tough to write elsewhere because I enjoyed doing so under the TA banner. It was a tough decision to cease spending the majority of my time with 148Apps, because you never know how a new outlet you spend a lot of time working for is going to turn out. Are you going to mesh well with the editors? Will you get the support you need? I've made some people mad with some of my opinions here at TA, but I'm proud to say that Eli and the crew have had my back. And I have been thrown under the bus before.

Folks, please support TouchArcade. I know that myself, Eli, Jared, and everyone on staff has put in a lot of hard work, and have done things that we love. There were times we could have pulled punches, or done shameless clickbait. It's funny to see how many weird haters TouchArcade tends to have, when behind the curtain I know that this is one of the most honest operations, working because we love mobile games, that I've had the privilege of working for. And it would be terrible if it ever went away due to the uneasy market that is internet advertising. So however it is you can support TA, please do so, because the mission of the site and the principles of the people running it deserve to be supported, and TA deserves to survive for a long time. I've only been here as a short part of TA's history, but I'm proud of the mark I've left and that it's left on me. As easy as taking a full-time writing job – for mobile games, even! – should be, it was a tougher decision to leave TA and the freelance life than you could imagine. Plus, I'm sure my new office will have a far stricter policy on pants than my home office does.

But this isn't the end of TouchArcade or for me, this is just a splitting off point. I'm sure there's some other rad contributors who can help to fill the void that I'm leaving. And this is just a new chapter beginning for me. Please follow me on Twitter as I start up my new line of work over at PVPLive, and help to spread the word of mobile games at new space. It's makes me sad to be leaving TA, but I'm excited about the potential of what I can do with spreading the word about mobile games further out there in the gaming world.

Twitch Bits Donation

For folks who enjoyed my Twitch streams, I'm planning on doing some streaming once I get situated over on my personal Twitch channel someday, so follow me and keep an eye out. I have one more stream on the TA channel, here Friday night at 7pm central. Come on by and reminisce about the good times.

Thanks for all your support the past three years, folks. Thanks for reading, thanks for the comments both supportive and angry, thanks for watching my streams, thanks so much. It's silly to say, but mobile games and being able to talk about the world around them has given a lot of meaning to my life. And it's so rewarding to see people enjoy what I do. This isn't the end, and I hope to be talking about mobile games for a long time in the future. It's going to be elsewhere for now, but I'm proud of my time at TouchArcade, and will be a proud reader and supporter from here on out.

Thank you. It's been a five-star time.

- Carter Dotson

  • gaymerX

    Your moving to my neck of the woods!? Welcome! You will love it here!

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    Well done. Enjoyed reading your contributions here. Good luck. You seem like a great dude.

  • MintCity

    I was super bummed to find out you were leaving! Love ya Carter! I'll definitely follow your personal Twitch to keep in touch!

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    You'll be missed Carter; best of luck on your new career πŸ‘πŸ½

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    Best of luck in your future endeavours!

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    I'm in Farmers Branch. Welcome sir.

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    Another Dallas local. Looks like you have some fans in this area.

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    Good luck Carter!

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    Rip in peace Carter, you'll be with the angles now πŸ˜­πŸ’”

    Joking aside, thanks for your wise tutelage over the past year, and for being one of the few around these parts with a decent music taste; it's been great fun working with you! Best of luck with the new job πŸ™‚

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    Best of luck! You'll be missed

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    Sad to hear it but good luck.

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    Thanks for sharing Carter. It's been awesome reading your stuff here. I'll keep up with you though! Best of luck in the transition process.

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    Thanks for EVERYTHING Carter. I feel like the band is breaking up. πŸ™

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    Thanks for all the great articles! Good luck out there!

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    I just heard about this earlier today Carter. You will be missed very much here. I always loved listening and following you on Mobcrush here then Twitch. Your reviews and stories always hit really close to home for me. But the great news is, we've always interacted over Twitter too!

    I hope the new jobs treats you half as dope as the fans, Devs and Team here at TA have. Keep doing things you love bro! πŸ‘Ύβ€οΈπŸ€“

  • ValentiaLyra

    I sure have enjoyed reading your work, Carter! Best wishes, and I hope the new gig is as awesome as TA.

  • HelperMonkey

    Luck and success to you, Carter. I've appreciated your passion, and it's good to hear you will be continuing to pursue it.
    (But if you think leaving TA will free you from being haunted by the ghost of that little boy from Limbo... Hmm... You'll see... *evil laughter / rumble of thunder*)

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    How about one more 3.5 for the road? You'll be missed here but I'm sure I'll see you around. Best of luck on your new gig at PVP Live!

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    Thanks for the interesting articles and reviews, good luck.

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    Wish you all the luck in the world and I shall miss your play sessions on Twitch.

    Greetzzz Carter

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    Farewell, Carter! I really got to enjoy your columns and reviews, and thought you were always quite fair. TA is better for you having been here.

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    Carter and I have formed quite a bond over the last couple of strong enough for me to consider him a brother. Sucks to see you leave TA, buddy, but at least I know you're not more than a couple clicks/taps away. Looking forward to seeing your next 3.5 pop up! <3

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    Good luck Carter, always enjoyed your writing here πŸ™‚

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    There time for new adventures, so it s your time to take that ride! best of luck Carter, and thank you so much for what you have done here at toucharcade, you ve made a lot of poeple days! cheers!

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    It's sad to see ya go, Carter. I'm sure you'll find success in your new endeavors.

    Good luck!

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    OMG this is like John Lennon leaving the Beatles! Ok, maybe not that dramatic. Robbie Williams leaving Take That? I really loved your honest, sometimes brutal, reviews. You have your own voice, that's awesome. Your writing style is very cool. I don't do twitter, if you have a blog or something like that in the future let us know! We will miss you, Bru! All the best.

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    Good luck on your new ventures Carter!

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    Good luck and bon voyage.

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    I for one will miss your insightful articles. Good luck in your future endeavours.

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    Always enjoyed the Crater. Even from all the way over here in Fort Worth. πŸ˜‰ We'll miss your voice. Hope your new journey is every bit as rewarding as your time at TA and more. Let me know if you're ever gonna be over in the Western part of DFW and we could grab a drink and talk some games. Or play them. Cheers!

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    There will be deep empty hole after you leave TA...and we will call it Carter Crater.

    GL and all the best in future, man!

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    Good luck Carter! You will definitely be missed but thank you for all the articles you've written!

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    Best of luck, Carter. We will miss you here at TA.

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    Good luck Carter dude! I liked your work here and will miss you.

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    Congrats, and thanks!

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    Wow, five stars. Sounds like you were paid off by the developers of TouchArcade.

    Good luck, The Frisco Kid. Or Frisco the Kid. Or Dat Kid Frisco.

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    Good luck and thanks for the reviews. Exciting times for you!

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    Your passion is 5*. Best luck out there!

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    Good luck Carter. Glad we're still hooked on Game Center so I can keep up with your high score chasing πŸ™‚

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    Good luck Carter. It's been a pleasure man and best of luck! I'm in Houston only a few hours away!

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    Dude we're going to miss you! Thank you, on a personal level as a developer and frequent reader of the site, for doing a blurb about Flamboygen and Scrungeon. Much love, keep on gaming, mate! <3

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    Good luck with all the future has to offer you Carter, and glad to see you'll still be doing what you love!

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    wish you a glorious luck, Mr. Dotson

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    He came like an asteroid and left a hole like a crater. Good bye and thanks for the fish! It was always a pleasure to read your brutal critics. Every star was earned hard but fair. May your next endeavor be glorious and make you happy! Lezrock

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    Good luck in your new adventures Carter, may your powder stay dry and your aim be true. Thanks for the sharpshooting TA articles sir!

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    Curse you, villainous Carter Dotson!!! We will miss your honesty and clear-eyed perspective. Who's going to give those 3.5 stars now?

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