If you've been enjoying the Advance Wars-like Super Senso [Free], you'll be glad to know that Update 1.8, which has just gone live, adds more content to the game. The new update adds more Challenges to the game, since they appear to be fan-favorites. Challenges are one-turn puzzles and can be quite the brain teasers. There are also 3 new advanced tutorials that should help new players get the hang of the game faster. More interestingly, we are getting two new units: Med-Bot and Saboteur. Med-Bots have weak attacks but heal adjacent allied units at the start of both yours and the opponent's turn. Saboteurs are fast infantry units with the ability to evade the first instance of damage each turn.

The update is also adding a new map called Twin Temples I, reworking Warp, improving the UI, and also throwing in plenty of bug fixes and optimizations that you can check out here. Let me know what you think about the new update and new units in the comments below.

  • Ben Mudrow

    It's a good patch haven't tried the new units yet because I haven't win them yet. I like the new tutorials and the puzzles they are a great addition. Can't wait to see what new game features will be coming next. We need more players in this game.