RareSloth Games has found themselves a nice hit with King Rabbit [Free], the sequel to Furdemption [$2.99], which wound up becoming a sustainable game for them. But they're not done with King Rabbit yet, beyond the expansion packs they've released. They want to take another swing at the concept, and expand it not just from iOS to Android, but to PC and console as well. So, the studio has announced King Rabbit 2 is in development.

There's few details beyond that, but they want to make the community aspects of King Rabbit 2 even stronger than ever, ideally creating a platform for people to create levels, share them, and connect with other players. The retro-style art is being changed to something more modern, along with an engine switch from Cocos2D to Unity, to facilitate multiplatform development. If you want to chat and provide feedback to RareSloth, the forum thread for the game is the place to be. And if you haven't played King Rabbit yet, check out the most recent Ruby expansion featuring some of the best community levels.

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