Over the past few years, an interesting dichotomy has emerged on the ever-changing landscape that is the App Store. Most releases can be divided into either smaller, innovative titles from independent developers, or big-budget graphical powerhouses that push the platform to its limit, even if they are ports of PC or console games. While the two coexist and provide their own respective experiences, I'm all for it, and 2016's Submerged: Miku and the Sunken City [$4.99] fits firmly within the latter category. With a heavy emphasis on atmosphere and puzzle-solving within a decrepit Uncharted-esque ancient environment, Uppercut Games' latest release demonstrated the potential of Unreal Engine 4 and iOS's Metal feature when it released in September last year, and today has gone on sale for the very first time to the bargain price of $1.99.

For anyone unfamiliar with Submerged, the game released initially on Steam back in August 2015 to generally positive reviews. While many raised issue with its loose interpretation of 'gameplay', the storytelling through beautiful environments and habitats made it a joy to just explore and navigate the world. Anyone wanting high-octane action should look elsewhere, but Submerged is a stunning showcase of the future potential of the iPhone, and the story of a young girl attempting to treat her wounded brother is a particularly heartfelt one. For a mere two dollars, Submerged is more than worth the plunge, and with no specified length for this promotion I'd recommend taking advantage of this deal sooner rather than later. Download Submerged for $1.99 on the App Store today, and head to our forum thread for further impressions on this atmospheric exploration game.

  • Gurney Halleck

    I have been on the fence for this, but with the mentions of iOS 10 compatibility issues and comment from Uppercut Games saying they were going to address them in an iOS 10 compatibility update which never came. TA thread also appears to be dead since end of summer last year... Is it worth the plunge if I am running on iPhone 6S iOS 10?

    • imdakine1

      My question as well. Does this work on iOS 10?

      • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

        Afaik there was an update in November that fixed issues with iOS 10 crashes. Should run fine on 6S, but I'd head to the forum thread and double check if you have any doubts before buying.

      • http://www.uppercut-games.com UppercutEd

        Yep, just posted on the forum thread: we did ship the iOS 10 update so it should be all good.

  • Dema9o9ue

    Can anyone say if this has mfi controller support?

    • http://www.uppercut-games.com UppercutEd

      Sorry mate, no mifi support at this time.