It's hard to make an arcadey kart racing game without drawing comparisons to Mario Kart. I mean, Mario Kart basically invented that genre 25 years ago, and while many very good similar games have come in its wake it is still undoubtedly the king of the mountain. That doesn't mean other developers who don't happen to be named Nintendo don't have something to offer the genre, though, and back in February small Finnish indie developer Mobiteos introduced their take on the kart racer in our forums, a little game called Safari Kart. Multiple playable racers, multiple tracks, weapons and special items… you know the drill, but it all looks quite colorful and cute in the Safari Kart trailer.

While it might not have the most tracks or the most characters, Safari Kart does have quite a bit of charm with its cast of animal drivers and colorful locations. There are more than a few nods directly to Mario Kart in some of the aesthetics and level themes, but it's pretty hard not to do that when that series has laid so much of the groundwork for this type of game over the past couple of decades or so. I'm also interested to see what sort of items and weapons are in use in Safari Kart as those at least do seem to deviate from what we typically see. We won't have too long to find out the answers to these questions as Safari Kart is set to arrive on iOS June 29th at a price of $2.99.

  • ZeeMonkeyMan

    Online multiplayer? These games need online multiplayer, it where you get the most fun out of them and I've seen quite a few good ones that just don't survive long because they don't have the feature.

  • ac166

    I'd also recommend King of Karts which has mfi and Apple TV support with local multiplayer! Lots of fun!

  • Paul

    Wish the graphics were better. Looks fun but also looks as though it will run on a 3GS.