Ayopa Games and Extend Interactive have revealed Panthera Frontier is hitting mobile on June 22nd. Controlling what is sure to be a furry-approved cast of characters, you'll assemble a motley crew and do battle with other spaceships in an attempt to be the greatest crew in the cosmos. You'll discover new alien species, powerful weapons, and get involved in an endless number of space battles. Looks intriguing to me, and that's not because of the furries, dang it:

Now, while Panthera Frontier has been kind of floating around in development for a while now – seriously, it was in beta on Windows Phone 8 – and it has what looks like a few free-to-play elements, don't fret, TA readers: the game's going to be paid on iOS and Android. It'll run you a smooth $4.99 at launch, with $9.99 as the planned regular price. Spaceship battles, in what seems like kind of an FTL-esque style, sound intriguing to me, so I'll be keeping an eye out for this next week. Plus, Panthera makes me think of Pantera, so I'll have to blast some of that as I play. Until then, discuss in the forums!

  • Kainamor

    Heck yes!!! Waiting a week seems to long. I am seriously pumped for this. I still play FTL almost everyday so this is obviously my style of game.

  • Chris

    Premium?! Sign me up!

  • YankeeBlue000

    Count me in.

  • Bloodangel

    A game like ftl for iPhone 🙂
    Looks bit like cosmonautica

    • Bloodangel

      Only thing I don't like is the animal crew. Hopefully, you can find humans/humanoids or robots to replace them

  • yachris

    I know you guys have to pick and choose what to mention, but at a $5 discount, I hope you'll mention it's release.