Not many could claim that Alto's Adventure [$4.99] wasn't a pretty game, but I did hear some players saying they wanted the game to have more complex mechanics and require more skill to navigate the environment, and it looks like Alto's Odyssey, the upcoming sequel of sorts, is doing just that. As you can see from the E3 video below, Alto's Odyssey introduces a new mechanic called wall riding, which lets you slide sideways on the background wall to make it through dangerous chasms. There are also balloons that you either have to clear or bounce on and even wind swirls that shoot you up in the sky.

I'm glad to see that Alto's Odyssey will be more than a desert version of Alto's Adventure, and I can see the new mechanics making it even more fun to play than the original. What do you think of these additions? The game is coming out this summer, but we have no information beyond that. In the meantime, head over to our forums if you want to talk about the game.

  • sinanayurt

    Everything looking great! Hopefully we dont wait too much. Its looks done cmon snowman just release 🙂 I think this game gonna reach same level as first game. These guys deserve their successes.

  • Jamesrooney27


  • h4nd0fg0d

    Oh, how sweet. Mhm

  • mozaicflo

    Not really into the desert boarding.