Alexandre Ferraro, the developer behind last year's Corgi Pro Skater [Free], is working on a brand new game called Dungeon Tower. Described as a pool-like dungeon crawler, you'll be launching your protagonist – currently a rotund chicken with a sword and shield – as you use pool-like aiming and shooting mechanics to launch yourself around the dungeon. You'll hit and bounce off of enemies, some of which have their own physics, others that move according to their own rules. You can hit items like barrels to help you out, but be careful that you don't blow yourself up! Or, even worse, land in a pit that will end your game. That would be bad.

I dig the whole billiards-inspired concept, and like the art and animation that's gone into Dungeon Tower so far. Check out the forum thread for further updates and discussion about this title!

  • Rooie1154

    Sounds a little like Treasure Buster, though that one doesn't have pits.

    • Alexandre Ferrero

      I did not know about Treasure Buster but after watching the video I can say that it will be quite different.

  • HelperMonkey

    Game looks fun. A less generic title might be wise.

    • Alexandre Ferrero

      Thank you! The title is not set in stone, it might change before launch if I ever find a better one. 🙂

  • PIETTE Catherine

    un game artiste au top ! jeu testé très sympa