MouseBot [Free] came as something of a surprise when it launched last month. Vector Unit, the developers of this new eccentric gauntlet-esque puzzle game, were previously renowned on the App Store for their extreme sports series Riptide GP, and had only recently released the excellent Riptide GP: Renegade [$2.99] that cemented their credentials in the mobile gaming space. As a result, a move towards a slower-paced, more casual friendly title was a major departure for Vector Unit, however is was quickly evident that developers of their calibre had easily acclimatised to this new direction. MouseBot was a roaring (or perhaps squeaking is more apt) critical success, and was proclaimed our Game of the Week when it launched because of its accessibility, charm and deceptive level of depth, and today a new update has landed that adds a brand new Chapter 10, title 'Boss Cat', to the game.

As the name of the chapter heavily implies, this newest pack of eight levels to MouseBot provides the most threatening challenge to your cute rodent vehicle yet, and is only unlockable after all the other nine chapters have been cleared. It's great to see the game continue to receive support after its launch, and is yet another example of how Vector Unit are distinguishing themselves amongst their peers on the App Store. As well as this free update, the developers have also posted an insightful development blog on the decisions behind the creation of MouseBot, and have put a particular focus on the unique graphical design of the game. One particular interesting part of their write-up was how cube map textures were used to give a specific sheen to the metal on your mouse and many of the obstacles throughout the game's levels. I'd recommend both fans of the game and developers looking for potential inspiration to give Vector Unit's development blog a read, and to share any thoughts on this newest update on our forum thread.

  • MajesticLobster

    Wonderful game! Really have enjoyed it. I've finished all of the chapters, so presumably this new content will be available next time I fire it up.

  • rezn

    I've played this on iOS, Android and then one day decided to try it on the Amazon Fire Tv and whoa was I impressed. Even with just the regular Fire TV remote, the game played beautifully. Nice to see a free to play that's multi platform transition so seamlessly on any platform.

    Major props to the Devs for the hard work. Sure it's more in the micro-game genre. But it's addicting, fun and it's very much free.