Let's face it: when it comes to strategy/tactical RPGs, iOS gamers have got it pretty good. Setting aside the occasional great port we get from PCs or consoles, there are also plenty of quality original games in the genre. The only catch is that they tend to be a little rudimentary in their presentation. Bucking that trend is the Demon's Rise series, which offers up accessible yet deep strategy gameplay with surprisingly high-quality production values. The games aren't much for story, but if you enjoy the mechanics of games like Final Fantasy Tactics or X-COM, you'll want to check out Demon's Rise [$7.99] or its sequel, Demon's Rise 2 [$7.99]. At the moment, you can grab the latter game for its lowest price yet.

Regularly selling for $7.99, you can now add this superb game to your collection for a mere $2.99. That's its lowest price yet, and it's practically a steal. Demon's Rise 2 flips the usual formula on its head by having you play as the bad guys, which makes the party composition quite unique compared to the usual sorts you see. Want your party leader to be a huge polar bear carrying a hammer? You can do that. You should do that. There's a full campaign with 30 missions, an additional 30 quick missions, tons of equipment and gear to collect, and a playable polar bear carrying a hammer. Did I mention that? You can check out the official TouchArcade review if you want more details, but the short version is: it's good.

I couldn't find any information at the moment as to how long Demon's Rise 2 will be on sale. The first game was marked down last week for four days, though, so it could be the same here. If so, you've only got a few days to scrounge sofas for change. Good luck!


  • DTK

    On iOS for 3,49€ (2,99€), and on Android is the game for free, that's is not fair!!!

    • Kwadius

      Why complain over $3?

    • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

      Putting it free on Android for a few days was an experiment. Worked nicely but I don't think I'll do that again.


    Does this game have an easy mode for people who suck at video games?

    • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

      Yep, there are 5 difficulty settings from casual to stupidly hard.

      • zergslayer69

        Does the second game have any deep ties to the first game? Basically do you need to play the first to enjoy second? Or is second game basically a different story and with refines elements from the first?

        Also, does the game penalize you for playing on easier settings? Like less exp rewards, worse loot, etc?

      • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

        Sorry for the late reply. The second game is set in the same world as the first but has no direct story link. There is no penalty for playing on easy though if you play in hard or extreme difficulty you get better rewards in items and xp.

      • zergslayer69

        Thanks! One more thing, is there a new game plus of sorts so you can carry over your characters with their gear and play on harder difficulties?

      • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

        Yes, you can replay any campaign levels again at a higher difficulty.

  • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

    Thanks for the shout out, Shaun.

  • Chad Tyler Meadows

    Looks good. I missed the sale price but I think I'll pick it up anyway. Don't mind paying full price for quality games.