Lost Portal CCG [$1.99] is a lovely game made by a single developer, and it's been one of the favorite games of our forum users, as the over 80-pages long forum thread can attest to. Today, the game received another update that makes the Aerahym Expansion available for purchase. The expansion adds 33 new cards to the game along with a new town—which comes with new quests, enemies, and bosses. There are also 15 new portraits available and the level cap has been raised by 2. And there are 17 new Avatar cards added for existing enemies along with the usual fixed and adjustments.

If you like CCGs, you should definitely be playing Lost Portal CCG. This is a premium card game that has you exploring dungeons and fighting enemies and bosses. If you dislike the kinds of card games where you need to constantly fight against the monetization system, this is the kind of game that will appeal to you. And if you have cool ideas about new cards, I'm sure the developer would love to hear them in our forum thread.

  • LordFoul

    I messed up the delivery so the IAP is not quite available yet! Another update submitted to Apple to fix this. Just waiting for the review, so should be soon.

    • MintCity

      Thank you for creating even more content for us to enjoy. I love your game.

    • gust0208

      Thanks for the update! I mashed the store button and wasn't sure where to click.

  • http://aggromagnetgames.com/ Aggro Magnet Games

    Looks fun! Purchased!

  • Dragan

    Your game should get much more attention. Keep the iap's for more content coming!

  • LordFoul

    Version 1.1.4 and the IAP are now available!