Channel 4 is behind one of my favorite TV shows, The Island with Bear Grylls, along with loads of other ultra-trashy reality TV and game shows. For instance, Channel 4's Naked Attraction is a dating show where people choose who to go out with based on critiquing their naked body. Yes, for real. In the world of iOS, their games are just as varied as their TV programming, ranging from really cool gamer-y games like Super Arc Light [$1.99] to today's release of Evil Island [Free], which is something like Clash of Clans [Free] meets Evil Genius. (Evil Genius, interestingly enough, had a freemium mobile port which now seems defunct?)

I know it might be a little difficult to get excited for another free to play base builder, but I'm always willing to give Channel 4 stuff a try. They're another publisher that reminds me a lot of Adult Swim, in that I might not personally enjoy absolutely everything they release, but I know they put out good quality stuff that's at least worth checking. So, hey, if you're looking for a builder and love the theme of evil super geniuses powering the whole thing, give Evil Island a look.

  • iXoDeZz

    Looks super dull. Just like the average Gameloft-Pay2win-cashgrab. I'll pass.

    • korossyl

      It makes me really sad that "Gameloft" is now our byword for "trashy exploitative F2P." There was a time it meant quality and ingenuity -- I was playing their stuff back in the DS days, and it was GREAT.

  • Themagicjesus

    Stopped getting excited for base builders after the first IPhone came out.

  • Eli Hodapp

    JFYI if you want to comment on this game please at least download it (it's free) and give it a try so you can post some actual impressions. Posting comments that you don't care about builders (and other similar things which have nothing to do with Evil Island) doesn't really add to discussion and your comment is just going to get moderated.

    It's like Jared's example of walking by a seafood restaurant and stopping in to let everyone know you don't like fish. Most people would agree that's weird.

    • korossyl

      Sorry -- meant no disrespect to this game!

    • Themagicjesus

      Point taken

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      post this comment on every freemium game articles

  • Dema

    I love base building games, and this one has a few new cool concepts, but for crying out loud, can someone please tell me why developers dont reset the server back to 0 when they do global launch?? If i see a "new" game has had people playing for 6 months to a year and i have to pay to catch up to them, i quit before i start. Broad question for multiple games, just happened to post on this thread.

  • gonif

    I'd like to see an app for that Naked Attraction show. What? How dare you judge me!