The question of the day in TouchArcade comments has been "Where's Old Man's Journey [$4.99]?" Folks just aren't satisfied with my killer mushroom hunting tips, and instead want to play award winning games. I get it. Well, the answer to the question is, it's on the App Store, right now. If this is the first you've heard of Old Man's Journey, it's a puzzle game of sorts where you interact with the environment to create a pathway for your old man to, well, journey upon.

It's a real neat game that we've seen at... Both PAX and GDC, and maybe some other shows? Either way, it's finally here and we've got a thread in our forums which undoubtedly will be filled with all sorts of first impressions pretty soon.

  • nkx

    Excited about this one. Love games like this

  • solarnya

    no worldwide release

    I'm annoyed

  • djstout

    Not on the Japanese store...

  • jamiejap

    it's a fantastic art style!

    • jamiejap

      it's a unique and fantastic art style

  • dancingcrane

    Instabuy. Love games like this and want more of them.