Earlier this month we told you that the fine fellas at Beavertap Games were prepping a huge update for their fantastic Mikey Jumps [Free], and as of just a bit ago that update has gone live in the App Store. The update adds a whopping 200 new levels to the game, and adds in a major new mechanic with warp portals. These will allow you to enter one portal and instantly exit the other, creating some mind-melting new level designs which you can see in this new version 2.0 update trailer below.

In addition to the new content, there's also a new iMessage sticker pack that lets you put Mikey-style accessories on your photos, and the ability to share your snazzied up characters on social media. They've also included the ability to continue using gems and have added replay recording functionality. We love all the Mikey games and Mikey Jumps is no exception, so be sure to give this latest update a spin and try to tackle the 200 new levels.

  • http://wizodd.tumblr.com Wizard of Odyssey

    I wanted to play this on the AppleTV, but there was no controller support. Does this big update add controller support?

    • qpawn

      If the Siri Remote click area isn't comfortable for the one-touch controls, try using the Play/Pause button. We mapped the Play/Pause button to work as a touch in game and it's probably closer to the feel an actual controller button.

      • http://wizodd.tumblr.com Wizard of Odyssey

        I'll try it!

      • Gucciipad

        I play with the nimbus controller all the time on the Apple TV. It works perfect.

  • Steve Nathanson

    Is this why Mikey has been missing from the podcast?

  • cy@n

    The first 200 levels were harder to solve IMHO
    Great level design anyways!
    Thank you for this huge update!