One of the surprise platforming hits of last year had to be the particularly memorable and especially gross Eggggg [$2.99], from developers Hyper Games. Rather than use athletic jumping prowess or other such abilities, the protagonist to Eggggg used their vomit to propel them around the beautifully designed levels. It's a bit of a peculiar game mechanic, but after the initial difficulty curve it just clicks, and reveals itself to be one of the most charming and unique games in its genre on the App Store. While its initial $2.99 cost of entry was great value for the 21 levels within the game, the developers have made Eggggg the unbeatable price of free for the next week only.

In our review in October of last year, we gave Eggggg a glowing five star review, as it possessed an abundance of charm, inventiveness and humor that went beyond its puking premise. The aesthetic that art designer Brosmind brought to Eggggg is stunningly vibrant, taking on the ethereal fantasy vibe that cartoons such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe have done so well, and the level design remains varied with numerous types of vomit with their own characteristics, as well as some punishingly difficult challenges towards the end that unashamedly parody titles such as Super Meat Boy and The Blocks Cometh. All in all, Eggggg is quite literally a 'sick' platformer, and I'd highly recommend picking it up for free before this week-long sale ends. For more discussion on Eggggg, be sure to jump down to our forum thread.

  • drunk_vader

    Damn, bought it literally two days ago.

    • TheGreatEscaper

      Bought this last week! Haha. Haven't had the time to play through past the first world, but I've enjoyed it so far. The levels seem very short though, the whole first world took me around 15 minutes only! It's good fun and the art is great though, no regrets.

  • Gurney Halleck

    "...the developers have made Eggggg the unbearable price of Free..." I see what you did there 😜 Silliness aside, I bought this the moment it came out and have had a blast puking all over its delicious artworks πŸ€—

  • Mrbestapps

    The developers owe me a new phone. I just threw up all over my phone while playing this game. 10/10 would throw up again.

  • TheGodless

    Despite the childish gross-out theme, this game is actually a great platformer with a lot of unique gameplay. It's easily as good as platformers like Le Parker and Dodo Master and isn't quite as infuriating.

    • OrangutanKungfu

      Dodo Master? Thanks for that one - completely passed me by. In the vein of ageing iOS platformers, Adventures of Pip is probably the most fun I've had on iOS this year so far. Egggg has joined the backlog!

  • nini

    Probably App of the Week..