Warmer weather is upon us, summer is right around the corner, and the sun threatens to engulf us all. The means it's time to bust out the Pokemon Go [Free] again, and another event from Niantic is headed your way. Adventure Week will have you finding more Rock-type Pokemon, and their evolutions. So if you've been looking for your Pokemon to get more rock-hard than ever, this is the time to do so.

But the Adventure Week fun isn't just about rock puns. More items will be awarded from PokeStops, and Pokeballs are half-off. In fact, Buddy Pokemon will get candy after 1/4 the usual distance, so you can use this as an excuse to walk around and play the game less to get the same results, or to play more and get quadruple the results! Everyone who plays during the event time of May 18th-May 25th (starting and ending at 1:00pm PDT on each day) will get the Adventurer's Hat for their trainer, as well.

  • Cleafus

    Excellent. This will really help me get candy for my Snorlax. Right now it's 5K per candy and costs 3 to power up.

  • IainsTheName

    I only need Houndour and it's evolution and then I've completed my Pokédex (barring legendaries and regionals, of course).

  • KickIt77

    Cool , I might actually get a Tyranitar, I have a high IV Pupitar and 36 candies so far, but it takes 5km of walking to get 1 candy at the moment, and even most of those candies I have are because of 2 10km eggs being hatched. Sounds like a nicely timed event, looking forward to it!