Rick and Morty is the greatest television show in history (it's a fact, Google it) and Pocket Mortys [Free] is the greatest Pokemon-like video game based on Rick and Morty (also a fact). We loved Pocket Mortys in our original review from January of last year, and it's only gotten better in the many months since then with a steady stream of content updates released for the game. Now, it's about to get even betterer as one of the key elements that would help it feel truly Pokemon-like, online battling, is apparently heading to Pocket Mortys and Adult Swim wants to recruit some beta testers for the new feature on Android.

They're looking for just a limited number of testers, but 5,000 is kind of a lot, so if you own an Android device and feel like testing out the online multiplayer functionality I'd guess you'd have a pretty good shot at making it in. I plowed through Pocket Mortys long ago and enjoyed every minute of it, but haven't picked up the game in quite some time. Just knowing that multiplayer is coming makes me want to bust it out and start all over in anticipation of laying the smackdown on fools online. Or more likely just getting my butt kicked, but all in the name of fun. When more details on this exciting upcoming feature are released we'll give you a head's up.