While it's hard to say for sure whether or not the extreme success of Pokemon Go [Free] has been the primary driving force behind interest in geolocation games or not, we've seen a bunch of developers talking about it, and even a few taking a crack at building their own. Today's example of that is Trail of Treasures, which was posted to our forums earlier today. The game does some pretty interesting stuff, particularly with the inclusion of a crafting system and resources to collect which then can apparently be traded/sold to other plays on an in-game market. Check out the trailer:

Trail of Treasures will be interesting to keep an eye on, as what they're promising in the trailer, on paper, sounds like it could be really cool. The problem is, the lynchpin of these real-world games is the local player base. Pokemon Go succeeded because seemingly everyone was playing it, making all the local points of interest... well, actually interesting. In many other geolocation games, you load up your neighborhood, see nothing is going on near you, and give up on it.

I'm curious to see where Trail of Treasures goes, as it seems like there's quite a bit of game here, provided enough people are playing it. If this sounds at all intriguing to you, head into the forums for details on the beta test. Otherwise, stay tuned for the game's full release.