Bury Me, My Love is an upcoming text-message-based game that tells an unfortunately very familiar story, that of a Syrian refugee called Nour escaping war-torn Syria and heading to Europe searching for refuge. The developers put players in the shoes of Majd, Nour's husband, who stays back in Syria and is using a messaging app to help his wife find safety. The only tools you have to help her through her dangerous journey are texts, emojis, and selfies. You'll be able to track Nour's progress as she travels to safety, and you'll be making decisions together that will, hopefully, lead her to safety. Your decisions will affect her mood, her budget, and, of course, your relationship with her. And the game will be in "real" time like the Lifeline games.

Apparently, the idea for the game came out of a Le Monde.fr story that talked about Dana, a young Syrian woman who fled her country for Germany. As you can imagine, the game isn't going to be "fun," but not all games have to be. Bury Me, My Love will launch this summer for iOS and Android.

  • dancingcrane

    Text-based and Lifeline type games have become my favorites and the subject matter is of immense importance to me. An instabuy if there ever was one!

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    Definitely will keep an eye open for this. TV shows range from sitcoms to dark dramas to documentaries, and I like to see games—where you aren't just passive—demonstrating at least that much range!

  • Booch138

    ^ this

  • mgabrysPHX

    Will it include råpe gangs? That'll BTFO GTA 6!