Once again the Great American Grump Out is upon us. Observed every year (I think?) on May 2nd, the idea of the Great American Grump Out is to "try to go 24 hours (or more) without being grumpy, crabby, or rude." With any luck, TouchArcade commenters will be in full observance of the holiday! Aside from grumping out, there's also a bunch of new iOS games that have hit our forums. So far there's a bunch of indie stuff, but if we keep our fingers crossed we might see more surprises pop up throughout the day.

Oh, and I'll be streaming these games shortly, so be sure to follow us at twitch.tv/toucharcade!

Here's the list, as of this writing:

Stay tuned for the full roundup later this evening!

  • Nico&Smokey

    Rovio's Battle Bay is out also. I already downloaded it and playing the game.

  • Hans P. Köter

    Hmm- where is Race for the Galaxy? It's supposed to be released today...

    • AltsKev

      he is

  • boydstr

    Hi guys is there someone that can tell me when I want to buy a game in such a way that I can support TA because when I click on a link in the TA site it ask me if I want to open it in the AppStore so do I need to go to Amazon?and is not possible to link the buyer directly to the preferred forum.

  • boydstr

    MORPHITE PLEASE.............this game is so freaking fantastic!!

  • Bloodangel

    I'm still waiting for vendetta online for iPhone.
    It was meant to be out in Feb, but was delayed... they said hopefully end march... but it's still not about 🙁

  • BaronMunchausen

    Race the Galaxy is out now...just found it on the US App Store.

  • BaronMunchausen

    P.s. Battle Bay is pretty friggin' fun.

  • ginkomanc

    When's zombie gunship survival coming? I know sometime in may?

  • Alfonzo McCarthy

    Darn! Nothing on Prison Architect 🙁

    • khann

      Exactly what I'm wondering. It soft launched but I haven't heard anything since.

      • Alfonzo McCarthy

        I'm guessing it will probably be released sometime at the end of the month, but again that just me guessing.

  • Jinxtah

    Any of these games worth checking out, or is just the latest bunch of AppStore shovelware?