Footy Golf [Free] has been a big hit in our community since its release a few weeks ago, and like similar titles from Donut Games, people have been going hard at finding the absolute most efficient ways to finish levels and earn the highest scores. Much like its cousin Cat Physics [$1.99], just finishing the levels as intended isn't so difficult in Footy Golf, but coming up with the ultimate solution to a level is a game all on its own, and soon fans are going to have 20 brand new levels to pick apart piece by piece. The new levels are snow-themed and Donut has shared a brief preview of one of them on their Twitter page.

Along with these new levels, Donut is also adding in a few new features that have been requested by players. While the advertisements in the game are only shown once when unlocking a new set of levels and never again, there will still be an ad-removal IAP added to the game for people who just don't want to see ads in any way. There will also be a coin doubler IAP added so folks can collect them even faster if they wish, or not have to worry about replaying older levels to grind some if they need it. While we enjoyed the game quite a bit in our review, these changes and new content will go a long way to making Footy Golf even better. The update should be submitted this week, possibly even today, and should hopefully arrive if not by the end of the week then by sometime next week.

  • cy@n

    This new world looks awesome!