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TouchArcade is currently streaming live on Twitch! Feel free to watch along here, or visit our channel at where you can follow and subscribe. Additionally, the Twitch app [Free] is a great way to both watch us stream on your mobile device and get push notifications when we do start streaming. Audio is muted by default, so if you're in a place where you can have sound, be sure to turn up the volume! If you'd prefer to watch on your Apple TV you can either do that by using the Twitch app on your iOS device then sending to video to your Apple TV via AirPlay. Alternatively, there's a number of third party Twitch apps on the Apple TV app store which you can find just by searching for "Twitch". Enjoy the stream, and thanks for watching!

If you'd like to support the TouchArcade Twitch stream, there's a bunch of ways you can do it. Subscribing is the easiest way, and if you're a member of Amazon Prime you can subscribe for free through Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime members must manually re-subscribe every month, normal Twitch subscribers are automatically subscribed until they cancel.

Not into subscribing but still want to support the streams? You can either tip via PayPal or cheer with bits. Also, if you just want to support TouchArcade as a whole, you can support us on Patreon or just buy things on Amazon through our easy to remember link over at